Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eye Shadow Palette | Trafalgar


Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eye Shadow Palette | Trafalgar notesfrommydressingtable.com

My first Dior makeup item purchase is the absolutely gorgeous Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eye Shadow Palette in #876 Trafalgar. The compact is a deep, inky midnight blue with the iconic Dior logo on the top. It also comes with a velvety slip case. I didn't include a picture, the shots I had weren't successful.

Dior Eye Shadow Palette Trafalgar notesfrommydressingtable.com

If you are looking for the perfect, ladylike, refined, Autumn eye palette for your eyes, I encourage you to consider this one. Five shades, from a delicate ivory white to a powerful burgundy combine to create looks that evoke falling leaves, round, polished apples and rich, red wine.

Dior Eye Shadow Quint Palette in Trafalgar Closeup notesfrommydressingtable.com

The pans are pressed in the Dior signature plump quilted pattern with a middle medallion emblazoned with the brand's logo initials. The palette comes with small applicators also bearing the brand logo. Just looking at the palette, untouched was a treat and it took me a while to bring myself to mar that that perfect surface!

I did mar it, tho. I had to!

Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eye Shadow Palette in Trafalgar Swatches notesfrommydressingtable.com

The pink is a soft, sugar almond pink. Not harsh, or staring. The shimmer is refined, there isn't even a hint of anything sparkly or chunky. The texture is silky smooth. This is one of the prettiest pink eye shadows I have ever seen.

The ivory white highlight shade is delicate and softly luminous. There is the barest hint of gold hiding deep within but there is nothing obvious about it. Don't let my description of delicate fool you, this shadow is not a throw away, it does it's job. And does it well.

This burgundy is striking. I have to be careful how I apply it, as it can overwhelm my colouring but if I wear it right, it's gorgeous. This shadow is very pigmented, silky smooth, applies and blends like a dream. There is a gentle, almost hidden duochrome shift that amazingly, my camera caught a glimpse of.

The brown satin is the perfect anchor shade for this stunning palette. Creamy smooth and blendable, there isn't too much to say than this is an excellent shadow.

I love a great dirty sage green and this one is done so well. Soft, wearable, with that warm hint of gold and just an undercurrent of something not quite right. Delicious. This is a standout in a stellar quint of beautiful colours.

I think that I chose well for my first Dior makeup purchase. I actually bought this palette almost a year ago. I don't know why I didn't talk about it until now... What I do know is that the Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eye Shadow Palette in #876 Trafalgar is beautiful and perfect for this time of year. And I know that I have more shade selections on my list to buy. What are your favorite shades? There are eleven available... Which one should I get, next?


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