Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection for Holiday, 2015

Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection notesfrommydressingtable.com
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Steal beautiful eyes and lips, this Holiday season with Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection. Comprised of all new, innovative formula eye shadow palettes and coordinating lip and eye crayons, getting your party face ready is easier, more fun and more glamorous than ever.

Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection notesfrommydressingtable.com

The three pieces I have are the Blackmail Eye Crayon, the Wanted Velvet Lip Pencil and the Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow.

Mirabella Jewel Thief Diamond Deceit Eye Shadow notesfrommydressingtable.com

Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow is a unique new formula. Part powder, part silky liquid, this shadow is best applied with fingers onto bare skin for the most intense colour on the eye. I like to use both fingers and brushes. Do whatever feels right... This beautiful quint looks like a pair of earrings in a textured jewel box, it is as beautiful to look at as it is to use and to wear.

Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection Diamond Deceit Eye Shadow Swatches notesfrommydressingtable.com

Here are the colours swatched, on bare, lightly moisturized skin. The ground is a peach/pink. The first top jewel is a silvery with a soft lilac shift. the other top jewel is grey with a lavender shift. The dark bottom jewel is a deep charcoal grey with a blue-y shift and the blue jewel has an aqua/green shift. Wait until you see what else this shadow can do.

This shadow is very silky-soft and smooth. It glides on and is beautifully shimmery but not glittery or sparkly and has a soft duochrome shift. These shadows wear very well for me. I had them on all day with minimal fading and no creasing. I experienced almost no fallout, even when I used a brush with the darkest shadow. I am impressed with the quality of these shadows and I enjoy wearing them.

Blackmail Eye Crayon notesfrommydressingtable.com

Blackmail Eye Crayon is a deep, dark black eye pencil that can be used as an eye shadow base, liner or as a stand alone eye colour for a hard core dangerous eye look. This eye crayon is waterproof and safe for the waterline. While it looks thick or even a bit stiff in the swatches, this crayon is surprisingly smooth and easy to apply and work with. It gives you a little time to do your thing before it sets in place then it doesn't budge. Happily, it is not obnoxious to remove. I had a lot of this on my eyes by the end of the day and while I had some work to do, it wasn't bad, at all.

Wanted Velvet Lip Pencil notesfrommydressingtable.com

Wanted Velvet Lip Pencil, described as a creamy, fluid-like texture that glides on, creating a flawless, satin finish with intense, long wearing colour. This beautiful coral berry shade is so flattering and the formula applies smoothly, easily without dragging or tugging. It settles in on the lips and wears beautifully for hours and hours. And, happiest if all, it is comfortable. While not lip balm happy place, my lips were just about as happy when this pencil left them as when it arrived. Impressive.

My eye look is the peach/pink ground blended all over from lash to brow with a soft blending brush. Then the blue jewel, applied with my finger all over the movable part of my lid from the outer corner stopping shy of the inner just up to my crease. I used a small synthetic shader to pick up some of the small, light jewel and applied to the inner corner and faded it back into the blue and around to under the eye just a little. With a soft, pointed crease brush, I picked up the small grey jewel and did my crease and pulled it up onto my orbital bone, blending up softly. I used a very fine crease brush to pull some of the blue under my eyes from outer to inner corner to meet the lighter shade there. Then with my crease brush, picked up the darkest big jewel and softly darkened my outer V and my outer, upper crease, blending it out and under my eye just in the corner. I used my blending brush to be sure there were no harsh edges and everything was soft and finished. I softly lined just along my upper lash line with the Blackmail eye crayon and nearly smudged it away then curled my lashes and applied mascara.

It sounds like a lot of steps but it was actually an easy, quick eye look to apply.

My makeup look, including the Wanted Lip Pencil and the Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow. On my cheeks is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous FlushMirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighter in Swirling Pearl. My foundation... We'll discuss at another time. I had to seriously tweak these photos, as it is a sample and the wrong shade!

Later, getting on toward the end of the day, I had an impulse. Why not have a little fun? Go a little... Crazy. Do a look that is outside my usual. So I sat down at my dressing table, used a Q-Tip to remove the shadow from my mobile lids, then I smudged Blackmail Eye Crayon on my lid and smoothed and shaped it with a synthetic shader to cover my lid, lashes to crease, corner to corner. Then lined my lower lash line, as well and refined with the brush. Pro Tip: This crayon is very easy to work with, as long as you don't take too long with it. I didn't have any trouble with it, at all. Once I had the shape just as I wanted it, I used my finger to apply the blue jewel shade from the Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eye Shadow all over my mobile lid, inner to outer corner. I wasn't too careful, I just kind of smacked it on. And I was delighted with the result! The blue over the black crayon rendered a gorgeous emerald green! My photographs don't do it justice. You need to see it in person. I picked up the shadow from the dark grey large jewel on a crease brush and splashed it into my crease. Again I wasn't super precise or precious about it. I used a little of the light grey top jewel in the inner corner and along to top of the crease colour. I ran a little of the deepest shadow under my eyes, too. I cleaned up my outer corners a bit with a Q-Tip because it was a little wild. Otherwise, I let it just be... easy and a little bad girl.

Just look at that green! Would you guess that gentle blue, layered over the black would do this? Rawr!

The rest of my makeup needed little renovation. I merely refreshed my under eye concealer and put on some red lipstick. Different earrings, a quick change of hairstyle and I'm ready to go out and tie one on.

What do you think of the Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection? See anything you're tempted to steal away with for the Holidays and beyond? These beautiful items and all of Mirabella's simply beautiful cosmetic line are available from their Website and select spas and salons that carry Mirabella.

Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection for Holiday, 2015 Pinterest notesfrommydressingtable.com

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