Need More Space? Downsize That Bulky Packaging!

Downsize That Bulky Packaging!

I adore holiday makeup sets. They are wonderful values and the packaging draws me in, every time but after the initial shine wears off, that bulky, superfluous packaging can often start wearing on my nerves. Take the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Boxed Powder set, for example. Six of Benefit's six most popular powders in a big, cottage shaped tin palette that came out for Christmas, last year. I snapped it up because the price was irresistible for the amount of product being offered and the packaging was adorable. Almost a year later, I am over trying to find a place to stash it. I was rearranging my makeup, the other day and I was yet again, looking for a place for that thing and I realized that I had a medium sized Z Palette lying around. *lightbulb moment* Time to transfer my powders to a more compact, easier to store palette and let the cutsie, bulky packaging go.

What else did I need? Well, something with which to coax the powders from their resting place. After assessing their nest, I felt that a paring knife would probably be the best tool. I have an old one I keep in my little desk drawer as a tool. Perfect! What else? Some alcohol to remove adhesive residue and labels. Hmmm... Don't have any of those lying around but I do have washi tape and a silver Sharpie. Eh... That'll do. Let's get to it.

Depot Bulky Older Holiday Palettes Into Sleek Z Palettes!

I removed the inner thick, dense foam nest that held the powders and the highlighter sample and little brush from the tin, it just popped out as a unit. Then the sample and brush came out easily. I was able to slip the blade of my paring knife in under the powder pans easily because the foam had give, then I just slowly, gently moved the blade along under the pan and carefully wiggled it as I went and the adhesive gave way and the pan popped out, as smooth and easy as you please. Not one of the powders cracked. A little 91% alcohol on a cotton round took care of the adhesive residue on the back of the pan.

Need More Space? Downsize That Bulky Packaging!

I put a little piece of washi tape on the back of each pan and wrote the name of the powder on it for future reference. Okay, I know... I really need different colour Sharpies. And maybe some plain, white labels wouldn't hurt.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with my new palette! Now it slips into the drawer in my makeup case, easy as you please, no more searching for a place to house it. A very satisfying few minutes work, if I do say so, myself.

How do you deal with that alluring holiday packaging after the "Ooo! Shiny!" excitement has worn off? Are you a de-potter, like I am? Or a die hard hang on to the original? Share your thoughts with me?

From Bulky to Sleek in a Few Minutes!


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