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Too Faced Star Dust by Vegas Nay

After many reviews that gushed and videos that extolled virtues and much thought about whether or not I would really like it or use it, I fell prey to the pretty that is the Too Faced Star Dust Palette By Vegas Nay. It's been sitting on a shelf in my beauty room since I bought it. I don't know why I haven't gotten into it, before now. Sometimes I will buy something like this and I'll be content to just... Have it around for a little while. Just to see it there. I don't know. I don't feel any urgent urgency to crack it open right away. Sometimes it's nice to to see it there. All new and perfect and know that one day, when I want to, it will be ready to open and explore. I know... I'm weird.

Is the Too Faced Star Dust Palette by Vegas Nay worthy of the all of the hype and excitement it has received? Well, let's lift the magnetized flap on the outer packaging, open it up and see what everyone is gushing about, shall we?

A double hinged card stock box with a magnetized closure opens, book style to reveal pictures and some information about Vegas Nay. I like the overall colour scheme of this packaging. I dig pink and black and gold and this is done very nicely. It isn't too cutsie, nor is it gaudy or overblown. Lines are clean, script is crisp and pretty and there are hearts and bokeh.

Too Faced Star Dust - Vegas Nay Packaging

The good stuff is stashed, divided up in each side of the box.

Too Faced Star Dust by Vegas Nay Look Cards and Other Products

In one side you will find a card stock holder that contains three snacked sized iconic Too Faced products and some look cards with a picture of the finished look on the front and on the back, detailed instructions so that you can follow along and create the look, for yourself.

In the other side is the eye shadow palette, it's self. All pink and gold and dotted in soft bokeh effect, it is slender, lightweight, comprised of paperboard and has a magnetic closure to keep it from swinging open, should you decide to slip it into a tote or carry on. This palette does not have a mirror.

Too Faced Star Dust Palette - Vegas Nay Palette

Tucked into their compact nest are twelve generous sized eye shadows in a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic textures. The colour range is so well thought out. There are soft satin matte and shimmer highlights, beautiful matte and metallic lid shades, deep crease colours, perfect outer V enhancers, pops of colour, transition blenders to the nth. All of the shadows are beautifully pigmented and have excellent payoff on the eye. They all build and blend easily and smoothly. A few of the shadows feel a tad stiff to the touch and swatch a little on the patchy side but they aren't much of a problem to work with. 

I haven't busted open the snack sized Better Than Sex mascara, yet. I dare say, that mascara has a lot to live up to... The Glamour Dust in Nude Beam has merely been swatched, as of now. I'll think of ways to use it. It is awfully pretty! The Too Faced Shadow Insurance is good stuff. I approve. 

On to my customary janky swatches. Because I rock everything I do. 

Too Faced Star Dust Vegas Nay Swatches

  • Too Faced Glamour Dust - Nude Beam: This delicate golden loose shimmer powder is pure magic. My photo doesn't even begin to do it justice. 
  • Chandelier: Soft satin matte ivory with the merest hint of pink. 
  • Millennial: Matte saddle tan.  
  • Girl's Night: Medium red toned brown matte.  
  • #selfie: Absolutely smooth barely pink shimmer. 
  • Showgirl: Golden bronze metallic shimmer. 
  • Jackpot: Dark brown matte with golden glitters. 

Too Faced Star Dust Vegas Nay Swatches

  • Pink Pearl: Delicate, pink-y lavender shimmer. 
  • The Strip: Taupe-lilac shimmer. 
  • Follow Me: Medium purple demi matte. 
  • Double Tap: Chocolate brown matte. 
  • Golden Nugget: Bright gold metallic. 
  • Sin City: Matte Black. 
Sin City, Double Tap, Follow Me and Girl's Night feel stiff to the touch and swatch a bit patchy. Double Tap lacks a bit in pigmentation and needs building up,both in swatches and on the eye. None of these are *bad shadows, they are all workable, just have a little patience with them and they will work out, very nicely. All of the other shadows in this palette are soft, smooth and some are even very creamy and velvety. Most of them can be a touch flaky or kick up a bit of powder when I hit them with my brush but a quick tap and all is well. I don't have any real trouble with fallout with any of these shadows. I routinely apply primer before I apply eye shadow. Tho I don't have oily eye lids, I do have a problem with creasing and for some weird reason, my lids like to eat eye shadow. Can't tell you why... Pica? Maybe they need mineral supplements? Whatever the case, with primer, I get solid, all day wear out of these shadows, no sweat. 

If you ask me, the Too Faced Star Dust Palette by Vegas Nay, at $45.00 is well worth the asking price and, yes, the hype. 

Do you own this pretty palette? Thinking about picking it up? It's still available on the Ulta website and it's back in stock, as of this post being written on the Too Faced website. It is limited edition, so if you're mulling it over, don't mull too much longer! If you're asking me, I say, get it. 

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