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FOREO ISSA Redux Hybrid Brush Head Review

I don't know if you remember my review of the FOREO ISSA Oral Care Device. I had a very mixed reaction to this device when it was first sent to me. I loved the sleek. modern design, the smooth, hygienic silicone coating, the easy and waterproof controls and of course, the fact that thousands of sonic pulse waves were dedicated to getting my teeth and mouth clean as I brushed. I am impressed with how fast this device charges and how insanely LONG this device holds a charge! I wasn't so happy with the brush head that came with the device. The very soft silicone bristles gave my gums a lovely, gentle yet invigorating massage but they didn't get my teeth clean. And that is a problem.

Happily, FOREO listened to those of us who loved the device it's self but felt that the brush head wasn't as effective as it should be. They designed a new Hybrid Brush Head. Comprised of traditional nylon brush bristles surrounded by FOREO'S soft, silicone massaging finger bristles, the new Hybrid Brush Head is just what I was craving! 

FOREO ISSA Redux Brush Head Details

The traditional brush bristles work in concert with the ISSA'S sonic waves to get my teeth sparkling clean and the soft silicone "finger" bristles provide that lovely massaging action for my gums. It's the best of both worlds! 

FOREO ISSA Redux Best of Both Worlds Oral Care

If you have a FOREO ISSA eating it's head off for lack of exercise because you, like me weren't all that thrilled with the lack of cleaning power from the original brush, twenty dollars will get you a Hybrid Brush Head available in four colours so that you can match or mix it up with your base device. The Hybrid Brush is also available in a smaller, Mini Size that is great for the kiddos or adults with a smaller mouth/jaw. FOREO recommends that the new Hybrid Brush Head be replaced every six months. 

If the FOREO ISSA sounds like an oral care device you might be interested in they are available from Sephora, this is a bundle that includes the traditional and Hybrid brushes as well as Kaplan Lip Care goodies. You can also buy the replacement brushes from Sephora and of course the oral care device and all replacement heads are available on the FOREO website.

I am so happy that FOREO ISSA now works so beautifully and I can finally give it a full throated endorsement. If you are looking for an effective, yet gentle oral care device that is easy to keep clean, charges up fast and holds that charge for a long time, give the FOREO ISSA with the Hybrid Brush Head a go. 

Do you own a FOREO ISSA Oral Care Device? Are you happy with the original brush or will you be picking up a Hybrid Brush Head? Is the new, more effective brush tempting you to try? Please do tell, I'd like to hear your thoughts. 

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