Pretty Cheeks for Holiday and Beyond with Tarte

Tarte at First Blush Holiday Amazonian Clay Blush Set

Four snack sized wearable, flattering, adorably packaged blushes are what you will find in the Tarte at First Blush Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set. Tarte does holiday themes so beautifully and this year is no exception! All four of these little face flushers are tucked into compacts that colour coordinate with their contents and two are decorated with a metallic chevron pattern that ties in with this year's holiday theme.

Tarte at First Blush Amazonian Clay Blush Set for Holiday

Tarte doesn't skimp on the quality of the makeup they put in their holiday collections. The smaller Amazonian Clay Blushes are just as pigmented and pretty; apply, blend and wear just as beautifully as their full sized counterparts. I'm not worried about these blushes being petite... I own so much blush that the chances of my using these up are pretty slim. #makeuphoarder #noshame

I like to sweep these blushes on with the IT Cosmetics Live Beauty Fully Flawless Blush Brush. No BS, this has become one of my favorite blush brushes of life. It is amazingly soft, applies powder and creme blush like a dream and cleans up in a snap.

Tarte at First Blush Holiday Blush Set Swatches

Here are my typical stellar swatches. *sarcasm*

  • Ecstatic: A matte dusty melon. 
  • Entertain: Softly shimmery rose-pink. 
  • Embellish: Plummy-rose shimmer.
  • Epic: Poppy pink matte. 
Tarte at First Blush Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set is still available at Ulta. This set would make a perfect gift; they can be split up as stocking stuffers or... You can do as I did and keep them all for yourself. I'd hurry, tho if you really want it. This darling limited edition set won't last forever.

When I shop online, I use Ebates for extra savings! If you haven't signed up for Ebates, the concept is simple. One click and you get paid to shop. It's easy, free and you receive a special gift for signing up. Many online retailers partner with Ebates and their Chrome extension makes remembering to take advantage of their offers effortless. I land on a shopping site, the banner comes up, reminding me to get my cash back, one click and then I'm off and shopping. Easy-peasy. How great is that? 

Are you a fan of Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes? Are you as big a sucker for their holiday sets and palettes as I am? Confess in a comment. I promise I won't tell. 

Tarte at First Blush Holiday Gift Set


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