Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder | Moodlight

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder in Moodlight

Once in a while, one must have a mad splurge and spend way too much on one makeup item. In my case it is the limited edition Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in Moodlight. I was seeing it on blogs that I like to read and drooling over it and I finally decided to blow a small Nordstrom gift card and buy it. I see that it's back in stock on the Nordstrom site, for now, so if you wanted it, grab it!

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder in Moodlight Details

This dual shade powder lives in a sleek brown and gold compact with a magnetized, flip up lid that contains a good sized mirror. The packaging is weighty and feels luxe in the hand. The surface is glossy, highly reflective and hoards fingerprints. I am kept busy polishing it up! Open the lid and the powders are presented in a divided pan. The top powder is an ivory highlighter and on the bottom is a soft, slightly peachy bronze shade.

The compact came in a dark brown, diamond pattern embossed outer box and nested in a brown, velvety slip case. I need to say this; for the price I paid for this powder, I was disappointed in the the slip case. It is of dodgy fabric quality and construction. While I didn't expect couture, I did have an expectation that it would be better than it is. Call me picky or overly demanding but when you attach luxury designer cache` to an item, every detail should be impeccable.

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder in Moodlight Close Up on Design

Crisply embossed in the surface of the beveled powder cakes is a fine diamond pattern that mimics the design on the outer box and the Tom Ford logo. This powder is gorgeous to look at and I didn't want to touch it, for a while. I just kept it in it's box, brought it out to look at and put it away for a while, again. Sometimes I do that, before I finally decide to use a makeup item.

Touch the surface and it is not, as I expected it to be- soft and velvety, it is hard, almost glassy. Don't let the texture fool you, tho. The powder picked up with fingers or brush is exquisitely finely milled, it feels like a zephyr, it is so silky and smooth. In direct light, I can appreciate tiny sparks of multicoloured light when I look at it in bright light but when applied to the skin, this powder isn't glittery or overtly sparkly. The finish is a luminous, lit from heaven radiant. I can apply as much of this highlighter as I please to my fair skin and it never looks or feels like too much. It doesn't accentuate fine lines or pores, it is never chalky or powdery, it just adds that coveted, youthful glow to my complexion.

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder in Moodlight Swatches

My customary bad swatches. These are heavy swipe swatches. I shot many, many pictures of this blended out but they didn't show this to it's glory. Time to further evolve my lighting! Anyway, the top, deeper shade swatched is a soft, peachy-bronze with hints of gold and silvery shift. It's exquisite! A bit dark for my face, right now but it is pretty on my eyes. I think that this shade is going to be gorgeous in the Summer with a sunless tan and a bit of bronzer. The bottom swatch is the ivory with a soft, golden undertone highlighter.

Overall, the Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in Moodlight is absolutely beautiful and I am enjoying it. My biggest complaint about this lovely thing is that having experienced it, I am craving more Tom Ford beauty. I have eye quads, a couple of blushes, a handful of lipsticks and a fragrance on my wishlist, right now.

Did you pick up this gorgeous powder? What do you think of it?

Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Moodlight


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