Beautiful Eyes and Cheeks with the Tarte Showstopper Palette


Beautiful Eyes and Cheeks with the Tarte Showstopper Palette

As a total sucker for must things Tarte, I knew that I had to have this palette just about the first moment I saw it. I mean, just look at it! Those beautiful neutrals... That coral blush... Bronzer and what is swiftly becoming a favorite highlighter. The Tarte Showstopper Palette has what you need for a beautiful, polished look in one chic disk.

Beautiful Eyes and Cheeks with the Tarte Showstopper Palette

The heavy, gold trimmed faux snake palette is a departure from what I normally go for but I'm not mad at it. The mirror inside the lid is plenty big enough use for applying a full face of makeup if this is going with you on vacation or a business trip. My only tiny gripe with the packaging is that the shade names are not printed in the palette or on the back, they are all on one of those stupid plastic slipcovers. Time to go pick up a fine point Sharpie and do a little writing on the back of my palette. *sigh*

Beautiful Eyes and Cheeks with the Tarte Showstopper Palette - Swatches

Peruse my stellar (sarcasm font, I need one) swatches.

Park Ave. Princess Bronzer: Soft, a little glow-y. I was worried that it may come off a bit orange and wrong for my skin tone but like NARS Laguna, this bronzer pleasantly surprised me!

Champagne Pink Highlighter: This baby is fast becoming a fave! I have this gorgeous, gently rosy strober in this palette and in my Light of the Party Palette. I love the gently pink undertone and the silky smooth formula.

Fame Amazonian Clay Blush: Hello! This coral is the perfect shade to impart a bright, warm flush to your cheeks.

All of the wearable, elegant neutral eye shadows are Tarte's excellent formula. Soft and silky smooth, they all apply easily, build and blend like a dream. My brush kicks up a little bit of powder and the shimmers can be a tad flaky but a quick tap of my brush before I get to my eye prevents fallout. All of the colours in this palette work beautifully together and on me, they last all day without fading, creasing or breaking down.

If this looks like a palette you'd like to add to your life, you can find it on the Tarte websiteSephoraUlta and where you find Tarte.

Do you own this versatile, portable face beautifier? What are your favorite Tarte goodies? Been trying anything new? I have my greedy eyeballs on the new Tartelette in Bloom shadow palette. I'm working on how to slot it into my budget. I'll have it, one day.

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