Fight Signs of Aging with Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream

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Fight Signs of Aging with Lumixyl Trifecting Night

Get started on your Retinol journey to an improved complexion with Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream. This specialized formula includes Retinol at 0.2% to increase cell turnover, help clear blemishes, improve overall tone and texture and impart a beautiful glow. Decapeptide - 12 reduces melanin production for a more even tone and reduction of dark spots and Bisabolol hydrates and helps to heal.

I talk about Retinol and share a lot of products containing different concentrations for one reason; I believe in it. Retinol helped turn my skin around. I suffered with adult acne for years and had the post breakout marks and discolouration scarring to show for it. I started with a low concentration (the same contained in this cream), increasing it as higher concentrations became available to me, OTC and stuck with it. Over time, my skin cleared up and with patience my dark post acne scarring faded to almost invisible. I went from dark bands of pigmentation that I would have to cover with heavy concealers and ultra high coverage foundation to just to walk out my door to the mailbox, to feeling confident enough about my skin that I was able to post a photograph of my bare, unmadeup face on my very public blog.

If you are struggling with some of the same issues I did, Retinol can help. It won't happen overnight but it will happen!

Fight Signs of Aging with Lumixyl Trifecting Night

Lumixyl Trifecting Night Creme comes in a light safe, air tight vacuum bottle with one of those nifty twist up pumps that keeps active ingredients potent and ready to go and the contents sanitary. The cream is slightly off white and a medium thick viscosity with a lightweight feel. The cream spreads easily across the skin and drops in, swiftly to leave my skin feeling soft, velvety and hydrated with no oily or sticky film. I have very dry skin, so I like to apply some night cream over it, after this has been on my face, for a while. #driedoutoldhag If you are not as dry, this should do very nicely as your sole night cream.

I don't experience any discomfort or stinging when I apply this cream. I have built up a tolerance from my years of using Retinol. If you are a beginner or have sensitive skin, I suggest either starting with a lower concentration (this cream is also available in a 0.1% concentration) and/or going in slow, using it once or twice a week and gradually building up to nightly use. I used to experience a little warming and brief stinging in the early days now, I don't. As with any skin care treatment that contains active ingredients like Retinol, this product will make skin even more vulnerable to UV exposure so don't forget to apply an effective sunscreen before you go out, every day.

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Do you use Retinol? What are the results you have seen?
//product sent for consideration//#StyleHunters


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