Talking ColourPop At Last!

Yes. I know. I am so late to the party. So late, in fact that I debated posting this, especially since some of the items I am sharing are no longer available. But, there are very similar shades on the site so... I'm going for it.

Talking ColourPop At Last! Stuffs I Bought

I finally broke down and entered the realm of ColourPop. After perusing the site... More than a few times and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the insane selection, I decided to go in small and easy. I bought a couple of eye shadow collections, two blushes, a highlighter and a lippie. I thought that these items would give me a good start and by ordering sets, I got rid of that "Oh, shit! Where do I start?" feeling.

At less then ten dollars per item, most are five bucks a pop, this brand is insanely affordable but don't let the price tag fool you. Colour Pop is good stuff!

Talking ColourPop At Last! Products Closeup

Packaging is sleek, lightweight plastic jars and pencil style dispensers. Each eye colour, blush, highlight and so on are in individual containers. Collections come in form fitted presentation boxes and my orders arrived from Los Angeles, California beautifully packed in wrap and thick, cushy foam and a sturdy box. Every order also includes a card with a lovely little message. Very nice attention to detail.

The texture of the eye and cheek colours is unique. A hybrid powder/gel/creme dense mousse-y thing. Touch the surface and it feels cool, somewhat creamy-bouncy. The pigment picks up easily on a finger, a little less so with brushes. Pigmentation is intense for most shades, ease of application varies by finish and shade but overall, these products apply and perform very well. Some do better applied with fingers, especially the more sparkly eye colours but all of them are workable with a brush, once you get the feel for them. I get good, all day wear from the eye shadows with primer.

Each eye colour, blush, highlight and so on are in individual containers. Due to the unique nature of the formula, this makeup can't be put in a palette and you must be careful to secure the lids after every use or the product will dry out and be rendered useless.

Talking ColourPop At Last! Super Shock Eye Shadows Swatches

The Super Shock shadows are from the Mondays in Malibu and Forever Freshman collections. The Mondays in Malibu seems to not be available, any longer. I also bought I (heart) This. There are tons of similar shades to what I bought, on the site. My swatches... They are tragic. A thousand apologies!

Talking ColourPop At Last! - Blush Highlight Lippie Stix Swatches

Here you see the swatches of Cupid (no longer available) Lippie Stix, a glossy formula. Also Prenup and Tasty blushes and Spoon highlighter.

I have, since these shots were taken, acquired a few more goodies and plan to treat myself to others. I like this line! It is affordable, the formula, while not flawless is interesting and very usable, once you get the hang of it. The colours are beautiful and I get good wear from them. I feel that this line is excellent value for the money and I think that if you haven't yet, you should seriously consider giving ColourPop a whirl. What do you have to lose?

If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive a code for five clams off your order. How sweet is that? ColourPop frequently runs specials and sends out coupon codes so it pays to sign up for the latest news you can use. Oh! ColourPop is not tested on furry creatures so you can feel good about getting your bargain on and wearing these pretties.

So, how much ColourPop is inhabiting your makeup case? What are your favorite colours, finishes? What would you suggest I steer clear of? Tell! Tell! Give me ideas!


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