Billion Dollar Brows... Are They?

Billion Dollar Brows Kits Review -

In my perpetual perambulations through the beauty world for the perfect create-my-brows-products, I have encountered many pencils, powders and pomades. Have I found the Billion Dollar solution? Read on to find out.

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Billion Dollar Brows - Products-

Billion Dollar Brows. Their statement is simple: Beautiful Brows Begin Here. And brows is all they do. I received two of their brow kits to try.

Sixty Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit containing a pot of pressed, neutral taupe brow powder and a dual ended brow brush/spoolie. This kit is best for quick, easy enhancement of naturally fuller brows and to to fill in small, uneven areas.

Best Sellers Kit with a universal brow pencil, a duo ended Brow Pencil with concealer and a highlighter, a "push" brush and tube of brow gel is for more hard core brow correction and enhancement.

Billion Dollar Brows - Product Swatches -

Both kits contain products that are in a neutral taupe shade range that, depending on how much and how you apply, should work for many people. The Brow Duo concealing and highlighting pencil seems to be geared to lighter skin tones tho I think that the highlight end will work across the board. None of the products have shimmer or sparkle.

Billion Dollar Brows Create My Brows -

My brows, created with the universal pencil, brow powder and brow gel from both kits. (My camera always tones my brows warmer, no matter what light I use to shoot or how carefully I tweak colour or exposure to get them colour correct.) I have mixed feelings about these kits. I like the tones and shades offered. They work well with my fair skin and cooler natural hair and brow tones. The products contain quality ingredients, offer good pigmentation and lasting power. I feel that these kits are better suited to beauties with more natural brow game than I have. I create my brows almost completely from the skin out and I find that the waxier nature of the brow pencil, while offering beautiful colour is a bit inconsistent and I really have to work for a complete looking brow. The powder helps to fill in and the gel does a nice job of locking everything down for the long haul, once I do get my brows on.

The day I took this picture, I went in for a hair appointment during which my makeup always takes a real beating. My brows sailed through several intense chemical and enthusiastic washing processes, drying and styling like champions. It isn't rare for me to walk out of the salon with my brow tails long down the drain but I arrived home with my Billion Dollar Brows intact.

Bottom line: I feel that the Billion Dollar Brows 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit and the Best Sellers Kit are good quality and they do the the job they promise to do. Both kits seem to be fairly "universal" in tone, flattering to a wide segment of beauties. I am of the opinion that these products are best suited to those with more natural brow with which to work. Creating eyebrows from the skin out with these products makes me work hard for my brows and my result is a bit inconsistent. I am thrilled with how well these products last. If brow products can survive one of my salon visits, it has real lasting power. And that ain't nothing.

Have you tried Billion Dollar Brows? How do these products perform for you?

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