Bargain Beauty Find | Let's Hear It for the Micelles

Micellar cleansing waters are all the skin care rage, right now. Sweeping like wildfire through our beauty world, we are embracing this cherished for decades by European beauties cleanser with open arms. I resisted the lure of the micelles for a while. My regular cleansing routine was working just fine for me and really... Water? To cleanse?  Could it truly be that effective? Or were the masses merely following like lemmings over the cliff the Pied Piper of Hype?

Bargain Beauty Find | Let's Hear It for the Micelles -

Being curious about the micellar water phenomena but budget conscious, I decided to try Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water. Raved about in review after review, offered in two versions, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, widely available and very affordable at well under ten dollars a bottle (use coupons and shop sales for screaming deals, I got mine for around five clams, each, that way), Garnier micellar water seemed like a perfect way to dip my toe into the micelle pool. I had a few questions about micellar water and I decided to fire up my Google fu and see what this stuff is all about.

What exactly is micellar water? Simply put, it is a water based cleanser with few ingredients, including glycerine and "Micellar technology." So, what are micelles and how do they work? According to the websites I have read (bear in mind that I am not a chemist), put simply they are charged lipid spheres that form aggregates called micelles. When suspended in an aqueous solution, they act as a gentle detergent, binding to dirt, surface oil and makeup to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin.

Here are the ingredients lists for the cleansing water and the bi phase cleansing water, respectively:


Bargain Beauty Find | Let's Hear It for the Micelles -

 Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water is available in a "standard" cleansing water and a bi phase version. For my skin, I like the bi phase for initially removing stubborn eye makeup and doing a first makeup removal sweep all over my face then follow up with the other one to fully cleanse, tone and refresh my complexion.

I am now a micelle believer. Micellar water really does work. It is gentle, scent free, effective and easy to use. I can use it as a sole cleanser or as a makeup remover before deeper cleansing. My micellar waters were a godsend when I was recently ill with the Zombie Death Plague. I needed to continue giving my skin care but I didn't relish standing at my sink, going through the steps while hacking up a lung. Sitting at my dressing table, sweeping a soft, cooling cotton pad across my skin then smoothing in moisturizer was easier and allowed me to get back to my cozy nest, Netflix and NyQuil. Where I could hack up a lung in comfort with my refreshed, pampered skin.

I like the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Waters. They are easy to find in just about any drugstore, big box store and online. They are very affordable, especially if you shop sales and use coupons. Micellar water works beautifully and definitely lives up to the hype. If you haven't tried micellar water, yet, this is a great way to get acquainted.

What are your favorite micellar waters? I'm planning to try other brands. I mean, I have to, right? I'm a beauty blogger. I owe it to you, to sacrifice myself to the cause.

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