It's Spring! Get Some Flowers for Your Showers from Via Buff

Spring has sprung! New, fresh and alive with promise, this season is the perfect time to up your beauty routine and get your skin soft, glowing and ready for the warmer days ahead.


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Via Buff offers beautiful, flower shaped ball pouffs constructed from non irritating, non sensitizing foam to cleanse, refresh and renew your body and face. Open cell construction allows for a very full exfoliator that keeps your cleansers at the surface, rather than absorbing them. To use, simply saturate the sponge, apply your favorite facial cleanser, soap or body wash; squeeze to work up a lovely, cushioning lather and use circular motions to cleanse, refresh and renew your skin.

Via Buff

Each Via Buff pouff has a stretchy, silicone hanging loop hidden at the core of the sponge. Once you find it, you can hang your shower flowers up to dry or for easy access. I don't have a pic of the loop. I trued but none of my attempts rendered a blog worthy shot.

 Available in big, body size and smaller face size there are four levels of exfoliation ranging from ultra gentle for the most sensitive skin to a mesh material buffer that deeply and thoroughly exfoliates. There are also Duo Exfoliators for dual purpose cleansing/exfoliation in one sponge.

Each level is a different colour to make them easy to identify and select the right one for you. I have four levels of the body and face buffers to share with you, today. Shall we take a tour of the different levels?


Purple is Level One Extra Gentle: For sensitive, oily, acne prone skin. This level is recommended for those with psoriasis and for anyone with delicate skin.

Via Buff

Mint is Level Two Mild: Ideal for normal skin and those with eczema. This a lovely day to day get you clean pouff.

Via Buff Sponges

Pink is Level Three Moderate: My personal favorite, this gently exfoliating pouff is ideal for those of us with dry skin, anyone with ingrown hairs, Keratosis Pilaris and for pre waxing or shaving light exfoliating.

Via Buff Exfoliator

Buttercream is Level Four Clinical: Here to exfoliate like a boss, this mesh sponge material is just the ticket for very dry, flaky skin. After a good scrub with this sponge, your skin will be very smooth, fresh and ready to absorb body oils, lotions and butters or an even, streak free application of your favorite sunless tanner.

It goes without saying, if you have extremely delicate skin or a skin condition, you may want to have a chat with your doctor or dermatologist before using these sponges.

After use, you can rinse your sponges well and hang them by the hidden, stretchy silicon loop to dry. When you're ready to wash them, pop the sponges in a mesh laundry bag, toss them in the washer and air dry.

Via Buff Body Exfoliators are $11.00 each and the Facial Mini Buffs are $4.00 each. You can buy them directly from Via Buff and from select spas, salons, aestheticians and physician's offices. You can find more information on Via Buff's Facebook and Twitter.

Via Buff exfoliators are non-sensitizing, non-irritating, dermatologist tested and cruelty free.

Is your shower blooming, this Spring? Have you tried these wonderful body and face sponges? What do you think of them?
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