Morphe/Live Glam Makeup Brush Subscription - February

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Brushes - Morphe 

 Like just about everyone else who watches makeup videos, I have seen so. many. gushing, excited reviews of Morphe makeup brushes on YouTube. Used in tutorials, receiving top billing in favorites videos, this brush line is touted to be the last word in makeup application tools.

Is it? Are Morphe brushes all that and a bag of chips? I decided, after reading a few reviews written by fellow bloggers I trust to try Morphe's Monthly brush subscription and see, for myself just what they're made of, find out if they live up to the hype.

Morphe/Live Glam Makeup Brush Subscription - February - Review and overview -

Who doesn't like getting brand new makeup brushes, every month? I know that I do!

For $19.00 a month, Morphe/Live Glam sends their subscribers a makeup brush bundle which is supposed to contain thirty dollars worth of Morphe makeup brushes. The bundle can contain eye brushes, face brushes or a mix. My first shipment, that I ordered and received in February is a mix of seven eye and face brushes.

Signing up for this service is easy enough. The Live Glam site is easy to navigate, the sign up/pay process was quick, smooth and glitch free. Billing, so far, is secure and accurate. I wasn't sure about the bill and send schedule that Live Glam uses for this subscription service and I expected to wait until March to be placed in the queue and receive my first shipment. Nope! I had an e-mail in my inbox in a day or so telling me that my first shipment was going out, in the next couple of days. Within a week of signing up, my first brush bundle landed on my doorstep. No waiting list, no jumping through hoops, no bullshit. Sign up, pay up, get my stuff, fast. Well done, so far.

Morphe/Live Glam Makeup Brush Subscription - February - Review -

Here are the seven brushes I received in my first shipment:

  • M334 - Mini Angled Buffer: This small, angled brush has very soft, synthetic bristles. Suitable for contouring, highlighting, pinpoint powder application, cream blush, a wash of colour all over the eyelid... This is a versatile little multitasker. 
  • M218 - Blending Fluff: Long sable bristles in this soft, flexible largish eye brush work to diffuse, soften, blend out harsh lines and deliver a beautifully "blown out" finish. 
  • M333 - Chiseled Shader : Dyed black sable bristles. This large, firm shader sweeps shadow all over the eye in a trice or precisely packs colour on the mobile lid with ease and speed.
  • M224 - Oval Camouflage : A synthetic brush that is designed for precise application of cream concealer or eye shadow. 
  • M165 - Angled Liner/Brow: A firm yet soft synthetic angled brush designed to fill brows or apply eye liner. 
  • M169 - Round Crease: A soft, rounded dyed black sable bristle brush for applying and blending colour into the crease and outer V of the lid. 
  • M495 - Duo Deluxe Fan: This duo fiber super soft dyed black sable and synthetic bristle brush is lovely for powder and highlighter. 
Handles are painted black wood, ferrules are bright, silver toned metal; I'm guessing aluminum? Brush build seems to be pretty sturdy but not as tight and precise as I would expect from a higher quality brush. The line where the ferrule is clamped to the handles is not a solid, smooth ring, rather tiny dashes, all the way around. There is a tiny gap at the top of the ferrule which leaves me a little concerned about moisture encroachment and reminds me to use a good deal of care when washing these brushes, to reduce the chance of problems down the road. 

Bristles are all soft, cuts seem to be pretty smooth and even. The black dyed sable brushes bleed dye like crazy, when brand new. Give these specific brushes a very good washing before first use and shampoo at least twice to wash away excess dye. I just have to ask, why dye the bristles, at all? The natural bristle colour is just fine and I prefer to not have to deal with dye bleed. The natural bristles are quite soft, not scratchy or poke-y on my skin. Synthetic bristles are whisper soft against the skin, especially those in the fan brush. Shedding isn't much of an issue. My natural hair brushes have lost a few bristles but I expect that, in brand new brushes. If it picks up or continues, we'll have a problem but so far, so good. Handle length is not what I consider "long." Think the length of Sonia Kashuk brushes. I prefer longer handles but this is not a deal breaker. 

Sooo... Are Morphe brushes the be all, end all of makeup brushes? The best of the best of the best... EVAH! brushes? Based on the brushes I received, no. These are solid performing, decent quality makeup brushes that look nice and do a good job of makeup application. Is the subscription worth the ask? Yes. For twenty dollars, I feel that I received full value for my money and I'm looking forward to my next shipment. This subscription would be great for new to makeup beauties or anyone looking to increase their brush hoard collection. 

I have been sifting around the Morphe website and I'm interested in trying their various brushes and sets. They appear to be good looking, well priced performers. 

If you are interested in trying the Morphe/Live Glam brush subscription, sign up here

Are you receiving this subscription? How do you like it, so far? Are you happy with your brushes? Please do tell.