NU ME Classic Curling Wand and a Very Special Offer!

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Nu Me Classic Curling Wand and a Very Special Offer!

Looking for a new curling wand? I recently got the opportunity to try a new-to-me hair styling tool line and I'd like to share my impressions with you.

Nu Me Classic Curling Wand and a Very Special Offer!

I received a NU ME 25 MM Classic Curling Wand. Tucked snugly in a heavy paperboard tube, securely wrapped in bubble wrap, my curling wand arrived in perfect condition. My curling wand has a turquoise handle and a tourmaline coated black 25 mm barrel.

According to the NU ME website the Classic Curling Wand is NU ME's original and highest performing curling wand. The tourmaline coated barrel disburses negative ions and creates soft, shiny, runway ready curls. The 25 mm barrel imparts body and bounce for enviable, cool girl volume and style.

Nu Me Classic Curling Wand and a Very Special Offer!

Using the NU ME Classic Curling Wand couldn't be easier. A toggle switch is the sole control. Flip it and the iron rapidly comes up to temperature. Mine was ready to rock my style in a minute or so. A lightweight (not flimsy) build and diamond textured, slightly rubbery finish on the handle makes this iron easy to hold on to and very pleasant to use. No matter how long it takes to do my hair, I don't get heavy iron fatigue. This old broad can appreciate that.

Nu Me Classic Curling Wand and a Very Special Offer!

Also included with the NU ME Classic Curling Wand is a heat resistant (not heat proof, you still need to use a little care, gentle reader) glove to protect tender digits from accidental contact with the hot, hot, hot wand. I am an on-again-off-again glove user. I get impatient with it wanting to drag in my hair, then I'll burn the tips of my fingers, turn the air blue, cussing until the sting resides and I'll pull on a protective glove and carry on.

This iron curls fast, I can section my hair, curl it and be done in less than ten minutes. Not bad, not too bad at all. For reference, I have thick, just below shoulder blade length hair. My tresses take and hold a curl easily.

Nu Me Classic Curling Wand and a Very Special Offer!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic. I tried with my camera but the lighting had changed, trying to use my self timer and position myself just right... It was a clusterfuck. The husband unit snapped this one on my phone, when I was in decent light and I decided to roll with it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, this is a nice curling wand. It gives me pretty, soft curls and waves, nice volume and my hair looks smooth and shiny. I'm pleased, overall.

If you would like to pick up a NU ME wand, or perhaps a new straightener or set for yourself NU ME is running a special sale, this weekend, starting Friday, 3/25 and going through the weekend to celebrate their 5th anniversary. This weekend, you can take advantage of Black Friday level sale prices and snap up the new stylers you need or crave.

Here is a rundown of the different prices and codes so that you can get your own:

The NU ME 25 MM Classic Curling Wand retails for $79.00 but during the NU ME 5th Anniversary Sale you can purchase this wand in your choice of handle colour (pink, black or the turquoise pictured in this post) for $19.99 with the code: HAPPY5YEARS at checkout.

Save on the Magic Wand! Usually $89.00 it is only $29.99 with code: ANNIVMAGIC 

Want a new Silhouette Straightener? Score this $99.00 styler for a mere $24.99 with code: ANNIVIRONS

Craving a Styling Set, including the OctoWand? Code: ANNIVSETS will get one in your hot little hands for only $89.99.

Which NU ME hair styling tool do you think you'll pick up? Do you already own and use NU ME stylers? Which is your favorite?

For more information: Follow NU ME on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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