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I love a good sheet mask. They are hydrating, refreshing, relaxing and satisfyingly creepy looking when I catch a glimpse of my paper/fabric covered face in a looking glass. A sheet mask I recently received an opportunity to try is Juvi Mask Hydrating Facial Sheets with coconut water and aloe vera.

Just what is Juvi Mask? From their website:
I'm a 100% silk-based sheet mask that hydrates your skin & helps you get rid of that tired look. I'm bathed in gentle ingredients like coconut water, aloe vera, rice extract, and willow bark extract.
  • coconut water helps to naturally hydrate your skin
  • aloe vera soothes and moisturizes
  • rice extract is rich in vitamin E & antioxidants 
  • willow bark extract works as a natural exfoliant to visually minimize your pores.
Paraben free, mineral oil free, & with no added pigments, so you can use me whenever you need a quick refresher.

Juvi Mask takes care of you, so you can take care of business.
Juvi Mask Hydrating Facial Sheets | My Notes Review notesfrommydressingtable.com

Juvi Mask Hydrating Facial Sheets come in a pack of three for $15.00 and shipping is free. If you place larger orders, the shop offers a discount so if you love these masks, you can stock up and save a little moolah.

And, I have to say, gentle reader, I think that you will love these masks as much as I do.

Juvi Mask Hydrating Facial Sheets | My Notes Details notesfrommydressingtable.com

Each Juvi Mask Hydrating Facial Sheet is a non woven silk fabric mask deeply steeped in a mixture of Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, Rice Extract and Willow Bark Extract. There is a very generous amount of "juice" in the packet so make sure that you keep it upright and open it carefully. Put down a towel or smooth this mask on over a sink. Seriously, guys, there is a lot of liquid good stuff in each packet and this is a good thing! I didn't take pics of the mask, it's self, we all know what a sheet mask looks like and I was so busy enjoying the thing on my mug that honestly, it didn't even occur to me to pick up a camera and go in for the glamour shot while it was on. Maybe that was not so bad...

Here is how I like to get my Juvi Mask pampering sesh on: Cleanse my face, exfoliate if needed. Gently pat dry. First, I grab my favorite patch eye masks and place them just as I like them then I remove the sheet from the packet, being careful not to spill the extra solution, inside and I smooth my Juvi Mask on, letting it partially cover my eye patches for even deeper eye area re hydration and get it all smooth and stuck down just so. Now I relax, read a book, play on my tablet, take pictures... Whatever. As my mask and eye patches begin to dry, I pick up more of the juice out of the packet and re wet my mask and eye patches. Any excuse to prolong the enjoyment, I say take it! Confession, if I know I'm not going anywhere, I'll run some of the yummy, hydrating goodness from the packet through the length and ends of my hair and bun it up until I wash it. Why not? Aloe and coconut are great for hair, too!

After I have bathed my face in all of the joy it can take and the sheet is drying, I remove it and my eye patches and gently pat any leftover moisture on the surface into my skin, follow up with my favorite skin care and enjoy my softer, pumped up, happily glowing skin.

Juvi Mask is very gentle and soothing. I experience not even an iota of discomfort. No stinging or redness. There is no irritation to my very sensitive peepers, even when I use the solution from the packet to re wet my eye masks. (And I put those babies close to my eyes.) There isn't much scent, it's just fresh, ever so lightly herbal but not fragranced, if you will. I feel that if you are scent sensitive or don't appreciate scented products, you will still be fine with this mask.

If this was all TL/DR bottom line is: This mask is lovely! It is affordable, very hydrating, soothing and a beautiful benefit to the complexion. I am so happy that I got to try this mask and I am going to place an order for more, soon. I want to have these on hand!

Have you tried Juvi Mask Hydrating Facial Sheets? What did you think of them? Will you give them a whirl, after reading this? Please, do tell.
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