Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette | My Notes and Swatches

Whether you are a makeup minimalist who is looking for that one perfect matte eye shadow palette that will deliver beautiful results, day after day or you are an avid collector of anything eye shadow or someone in between, there is a matte eye shadow palette that everyone who wears makeup needs to have in their get gorgeous arsenal.

Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette Review

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 The Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette contains twelve generous, wearable, can't-live-without-them neutral matte eye shadows. Packaged in a no frills, heavy plastic compact style palette, this portable wonder is all about the contents. And the contents are fantastic.

Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette Review Close Up

Laid out in a manner that makes sense, these neutral shadows stand ready to help me create the perfect eye look, day or night, subtle to smoky, I can do it, with this palette. The shadows are richly pigmented and smooth, they apply, build and blend like a dream. Fallout is minimal to non existent on most shades, the couple that do give me a little minor sprinkling are easy to sweep away with a soft brush. Viseart shadows work and play well with others and enable me to effortlessly create any look I desire.

Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette Review Swatches

Swatches in no particular order. I was only going to do one row of random shades just to show how gorgeous these shadows are when I realized that there was room to include all twelve so... I rolled with it. Lazy slag that I am, I couldn't be bothered to clean them off and apply them in order. The swatches tell the tale, tho. Look how rich, creamy-smooth and pigmented these shadows are! There is a nice mix of warm and cooler tones. Lid, crease, transition and highlight shades abound.

Viseart doesn't just make mates. Oh, no. They also produce glorious shimmers, brights and they recently released Theory Palettes. I am drooling over Cashmere and Minx. Aw hell, who am I kidding, if I could afford it, I would buy and hug to me every palette Viseart makes because I'm a crazy eye shadow palette junkie who appreciates quality when she sees it.

Have you tried the Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette? I grok that $80.00 is a little on the spendy side for an eye shadow palette, but allow me to assure you, it is worth every penny. I tend to splurge on spendier goodies during Sephora's VIB sales or when they send me random discount codes. Some online beauty supplies also, from time to time, usually around Black Friday have screaming deals on these palettes so keep your ear to the ground.

Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Shadow Palette | My Notes Notes from My Dressing Table
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