It Takes Just a Few Drops and a Few Minutes to Lock Down My Summer Makeup with Luminess Air

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Luminess Air airbrush makeup helps me lock down my Summer makeup look and beat the heat and humidity with weightless, comfortable, long wearing, nearly flawless coverage. I recently received some new products from the Mystic Finish Foundation and Airbrush Essentials Collections and have had a chance to put them through their paces. I continue to be a little mind blown about how easy, quick and pretty airbrush makeup can be! I love how little product is needed to achieve my desired finish and how it wears, all day long even through an Arizona Summer day.


The process is simple enough. After cleansing and basic day skin care I grab my Luminess Air compressor and stylus and get started.

First thing; lock it down. A little Fotoset Primer gently pressed into my skin helps smooth surface irregularities and pores and prepares my skin for a long lasting, heat resistant makeup. Next, I release a few drops of Primer/Moisturizer into my stylus cup and whisk it across my skin, followed by Luminess Porcelain to smooth and further perfect my complexion. I don't always need coverage, if it is that kind of skin day, I can stop here, do my under eyes, apply a little powder and move on with the rest of my makeup application.

If I'm a bit red or blotchy, six drops or so of Eraser helps make it all disappear. I'm still working on getting the perfect amount and application of X-Out on my under eye area. I either apply too much and end up in trouble or it goes on uneven or too little and I don't get the coverage I need. I don't know where my disconnect is with this product... I can say, if I do get it on right, it provides some of the best dark circle correction I have yet to achieve. I'll keep after it.

After prep is done (these steps take mere moments!) it's time for foundation. I received a bottle of Mystic Foundation in MF-1 Porcelain. Hallelujah! Shade match! It's a teensy bit light for this time of year but by the time I fluff on a touch of bronzer, contour and blush, it's great. Porcelain matches my Winter Pale perfectly. I decided to skip bronzer for this picture, to show the shade, as it comes out of the airbrush. Six to eight drops in the cup, a minute or two wafting it across my skin in easy, circular motions and the result is a smooth, even, near flawless finish. I like to set my makeup with powder, otherwise my skin tends to eat it, primer or no. Luminess Pro Translucent Powder in T-1 works just fine. I like the powder but I'm not wild about the attached brush packaging. I'm going to decant it into a clean sifter jar and just use my usual powder brush.

I know that this sounds like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of it, Luminess Airbrush Makeup is so quick and easy, this routine takes just a few minutes and the finish, as I said earlier, lasts beautifully through a long, hot Summer day. Oh! And allergy sufferers rejoice. Tissues are no match for the staying power of this makeup. As long as I don't rub too hard, I don't end the day with a nekkid beak like I can, with other foundations.


I really like how this makeup looks, feels and performs. Yes, I'm still trying to get the hang of the X-Out under eye corrector (I can be a little slow on the upchuck, sometimes) but the rest of it is fast and easy as pie. Have I ever mentioned that airbrush makeup is also a lot of fun? Well, it is. There are, in addition to face products, airbrush eye and cheek colours as well as highlighter. I can do the highlighter okay but the blush or trying to airbrush eye colour? Yeah... Nope. I am severely lacking the necessary talent and end up back at my sink, washing my face. It's fine, tho. I'm perfectly happy enjoying the face basics. It works for me.

Gentle reader, have you tried Luminess Air Airbrush makeup? What do you think of it? Are you as fond of it as I am? Thinking of trying it? Please do tell.

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//products sent for consideration//


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