Just Another Mani Monday Featuring OPI and China Glaze

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It's been a while since I've done a polish post so I thought it would be fun to share my current mani.


I was in a bit of a dither over what to put on my nails, yesterday. I kept picking up this polish, that polish... Nothing really fired my desire. Until I ran across OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today. I have had this polish lurking around for... A couple of years and I've never worn it. I applied my usual base then smoothed on two easy coats of OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today and good old Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Polish, pretty! Yesss! Take a closer look. Bubbles! Shit! I didn't feel like taking my polish off and starting over with a different colour so... Time to cover the bubbles. With what? Dots? Nah. Not in the mood. Stamping? Nope. Glitter? Yeah. Glitter is fast and easy. Glitter should work just fine. But which glitter? Back to the polish rack. This one? No. Won't work with my polish colour. This one? Nope. The formula is crap. So why is it still in my life? I need to deal with that. Later. Wait... There's that glitter I received in a holiday swap. What's it called, again? China Glaze Glitter Me This... Perfect. One coat of this gorgeous mix of tiny to large gold, white and pale pink hex pieces in a clear base. A perfect mate for the coral OPI creme.

Glitter Me This... went on very easily, I didn't have to fight with it and did minimal patting or placing. China Glaze does such good glitters. Another coat of Seche Vite and I was good to go. Sit down at my computer and edit photographs. Wanna know what I was working on? Stay tuned.


Look ma! No bubbles! And sparkle! What more could a polish lover want?

Great... Fuzz in my picture. Why didn't I catch that in editing? Wait, it's not fuzz it's... Fine details. Yeah. That's what it is.

So, gentle reader, what's on your nails?

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