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Foundation. It is a makeup item that is for me, fraught with angst. For that reason, I have very few foundations in my life and I tend to remain extremely faithful to them. But like anyone, I like a new foundation, now and again and it's fun to try samples of the latest and greatest, on the off chance that I will encounter a winner.

 Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation and Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer. I had been eyeing the foundation on the Sephora website and arguing with myself about whether or not I should order it. Most of the reviews I have read and seen on YouTube were quite positive, some call it Holy Grail. However, most of the people doing those reviews are substantially younger than I and do not share my particular skin concerns.

 As there is no Sephora store in my immediate area, I can't just run out to get samples and let's face it, $43.00 is a bit much to risk on a flyer. I know that I can return but wrapping and packing it back up, sending it back, waiting for my refund... Raggle Baggle I don't need or want. So, I was happy to receive these samples in a recent Sephora order. Finally! I can see what all of the hoopla is about!


The Claims:
Developed specifically for the film and TV industry's most advanced technology, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion—in and out of the spotlight. Invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with an even lighter weight, second-skin texture that looks just like skin. This formula leaves your complexion with the same flawless results that you’d achieve with a flat foundation brush in a tap and stretch motion. It contains hyaluronic spheres to ensure comfortable wear on all normal, dry and combination skin types, and it lasts all day, leaving a natural-looking finish. Now available in an expanded range of 40 shades to match all skintones, Ultra HD is the perfect everyday foundation for a flawless complexion—and it doesn’t require touch ups. 

The Reality:

Wow. Where do I start?

Shade: Too dark and far too yellow for my fair, neutral skin tone. No worries, in this case as I was testing formula, not shade. I figured that if this stuff did blow my doors off, I could get matched, next time I'm in the Valley and can pop into a Sephora.

How Does It Apply? Smooth, easy. I applied it once, with a brush, once with a damp Beauty Blender. The brush gave me fuller coverage, the Beauty Blender more sheer.

Finish? Very smooth, supplying a perfected, blank canvas. I actually kind of loved that aspect. My skin, at least for a little while looked as near absolutely flawless as it could be.

How Does It Feel? In a word, heavy. This makeup feels like a mask on my skin. It is suffocating and after a few hours, I was ready to claw it off my face.

How Does It Look? On me? Immediately upon application, lovely but that didn't last for long.

How Does It Wear? This is where this foundation really came off the rails for me. Wear is abysmal. This foundation soon started settling into every fine line, wrinkle, fold on my face. I was able to gently smooth it back out and setting it with powder helped it "hold the line" for a little while but by my next mirror check, about an hour later, my face looked like fifty miles of bad road. Every little line, deeper line, the tiny cracks around my mouth and chin. My forehead. Oh. Lord. No! Aside from the setting and cracking, this foundation did hang together beautifully without fading, clotting or transferring. It even held up to my allergy stricken beak being blown a million times. That's impressive!

The Verdict: 

Guilty of being utterly incompatible with my skin type, texture and tone. The concealer, while a lovely match for me, did a halfway decent job on my dark circles, for a little while then just devolved into a mass of lines and faded to allow my darkness to take control, once again. So it's a no, as well.

Please understand, I am not trashing these products. I am just saying that they are not appropriate for my own skin. I have seen this foundation and concealer work beautifully for other people, mostly those much younger than I. I believe that this makeup was designed with young, firm, line free, oil prone skin in mind. I just don't slot into that category. If you do, I suggest that you take this stuff out for a test drive, you might really love it. You can get free samples from your local Sephora and I strongly suggest that you go in and swatch and get samples. While Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is available in a wide shade range, their undertones are pretty limited. R for pink, Y for yellow. There are no neutral tones so finding a shade match may be a challenge.

I had fun trying this foundation and concealer out and I'm happy that I had samples with which to play before I made the what would have been for me huge mistake of purchasing this foundation.

Do you use Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation? How about the Ultra HD Concealer? What has been your experience with these products? Please do tell.

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