Treat Yoself to Farmhouse Fresh Quick Recovery Face Mask Sampler

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If you are in the mood for a delicious little treat for your complexion or you have been craving some of Farmhouse Fresh best skin rejuvenating treats, I have something special for you, today!


Farmhouse Fresh Quick Recovery 3 Piece Face Mask Sampler is the perfect treat for your skin and your senses. Three snack sized jars of Farmhouse Fresh's yummiest, skin loving masks that pack a big results punch for a wallet friendly price.


Pudding Apeel, the tapioca dream with glycolic acid to exfoliate and enhance your glow. And does this smell delicious? If you love sweet, creamy and rich, this mask is for you! I own this in full size and it is a cherished member of my masking family. I reviewed Pudding Apeel in this post if you would like to read my thoughts on this brilliant product.

Splendid Dirt - Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin Puree is a spiced delight for your face! The luscious scents of pumpkin, cream and rich, warm spices get you in the mood for pie and lattes while this mask exfoliates, brightens and refines your face. This mask is intense, gentle reader. If you have sensitive skin test it in a small area, before you slather it on. I am not sensitive and I feel this baby working. I enjoy the sensation but it may be a little much for very sensitive beauties. I need a full size jar of this stuff. Now!

Are you ready for a soothing, hydrating experience? Guac Star is your lead actor. This green, silky stuff doesn't actually smell like guacamole (probably a good thing) but rather like clean, green and clay. The sensation on the skin is cooling and firming and it kind of oxidizes like guac, as it dries. I like to scrub it off with a wet face cloth and my skin! Feels so plumped, soft and hydrated. This mask is going on my list for a full sized purchase.

I have an ever expanding wishlist of Farmhouse Fresh goodies and a couple of the masks I need to pick up and experience, soon are Pajama Paste and Sundae Best. I love yoghurt and I love chocolate. So... Yeah. I think that both need to come home to Mama!

If you want to treat yoself to a buffet of gorgeous, rich complexion treats or if you are making your holiday gift lists, Farmhouse Fresh Quick Recovery 3 Piece Face Mask Sampler is a perfect indulgence!

Farmhouse Fresh is committed to using natural, organic ingredients that are good for your skin and are free of sulfates and parabens. Some of their products are vegan, (this trio is NOT vegan, it contains honey and beeswax) and these three masks are gluten free. Farmhouse Fresh is cruelty free, they never test their finished products or ingredients on soft, furry creatures.

Are you a fan of this delicious line of face and body indulgences? Please share your faves or your would love to haves in a comment.

//product provided for consideration//


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