The Pur Transformation Palette for Pretty Holiday Eyes and Cheeks

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Right now, I'm in holiday mode. I want colour, shine, sparkle and a little metallic gleam. I think that the PUR Cosmetics Transformation Sculpting Eye Shadow and Cheek Palette can help me out.

My November Play! by Sephora Beauty Subscription Box

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Why, hello! So, you're curious about what I received in my Play! By Sephora Beauty Subscription Box? It was a pretty good one, this month. Shall we take a tour?


Fashion Flash is Live

Fashion flash is live. Please go say hi to Allison of Never Say Die Beauty and while you're there, enjoy our weekly online news magazine featuring fashion, beauty, travel, wellness and fitness articles written by some of the savviest forty-plus bloggers, today. Allison has a special gift idea post featuring beautiful items from the shopping channel, Evine, including a fabulous giveaway and a special discount code, as well! Just hop over for all of the details.

And, I'll see you all back here, next week.

ILIA Fade into You Soft Focus Finishing Powder and No. 5 Tapered Powder Brush

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It is always a pleasure when I can share with my gentle readers gorgeous products that are also good for us. Such is the case with ILIA Beauty. A company committed to providing beautiful, high performance cosmetics in elegant packaging while also being gentler on the earth, better for our skin and even our health by formulating with more natural ingredients that are up to 85% certified organic.

I received two products to try and share with you, today. Would you like to see?


Vibrant Holiday Eyes and Lips with Glo Minerals Bold Pursuit

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Save time, travel light and get pretty, fast this holiday with the Glo Minerals Bold Pursuit Collection.

Curated to be portable and easy to apply on the fly, these portable prettyfiers are just the thing to toss in a tote or carry on for a quick, office to cocktails primp or a fast trip over the river and through the woods to visit family for the holidays.


The Best of Fashion Flash is Here for You

Well, not "here," exactly. 😉

The fabulous Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash, this week. Zip on over and enjoy the latest from my fellow forty-plus blogging buddies!

An Anti Aging Superstar | Sunday Riley Flora Hydro Active Cellular Face Oil

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In the land of splurge lives the mythical Sunday Riley Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil. I featured this product in my Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist post. At the time I wrote it, this product was still living la vida wishlist and, while I very much wanted it, I was going back and forth between this and a very spendy Natasha Denona eye shadow palette. After much dithering and deliberation, I decided to split the difference, buy this oil and a smaller eye shadow palette. Two beautiful products for me and I spent less money.


Nourish and Protect Your Tresses with Madam C J Walker Scent & Shine Oils

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I was recently introduced to Madam C J Walker Beauty Culture when I had the opportunity to Review their Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Leave In and Blow Out Creme. I fell hard for those products; the feel, the delicious scent and of course the fact that they work. When the chance to experience and share the Madam C J Walker Nourish & Shine Oils came along, I jumped at it.


Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright with Help from Groupon

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The holiday shopping season is beginning to kick into full swing and we all know what that means. Long lists, long lines, packed out stores, sore feet and big bills. Take some of the pressure off, save money and shop from home, in your jammies and comfy slippers with help from Groupon.

Marini Holiday Exfoliator | A Chocolate Truffle Treat for Your Skin

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Are you craving a delicious skin care experience, this holiday season? Perhaps you are trying to find just the perfect little get gorgeous indulgence for a family member or cherished friend? Marini Holiday Exfoliator is a chocolate truffle treat packed with all of the fabulous skin improving ingredients that your complexion craves along with real cocoa for a sensory experience that is second to none.

Fashion Flash on Prime Beauty is Live!

Fashion Flash is a weekly, online newsletter by savvy women over forty sharing their expertise on subjects from lifestyle and travel to fashion, beauty, fitness and wellness. This week, our beautiful Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash and shares a hint about a fabulous surprise. Trust me, gentle reader, you do NOT want to miss what's coming up in the next few weeks! Intrigued? Darling, you know what to do. I'll see you back here, next week for more news about Fashion Flash and the great things to come.

What I Bought During the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

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The Semi-Annual Sephora VIB Rouge Sale has come and gone and, if you read this post you know that I had (okay, still have) quite the beauty Loves List from which I culled some of my most wanted goodies to share with you. So... How did I do? How many of the pretties on my list did I snap up? More than I anticipated, as it turns out. I would have done even more damage but a couple of the items I shared were sold out by the time I was ready to pull the trigger on my order.

Sold out items aside, I think I did alright for myself. I stocked up on a few staples, bought some new to me goodies to try and treated myself to some lovely little splurgy items I don't usually buy unless I have a gift card or it's VIB sale time. Items marked with an asterisk were in my VIB Sale Wishlist post.


Foreo Day and Night Cleansers | My Notes

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I have owned an original Foreo Luna (pictured - link is to the Luna 2) for a year and a half or so and I love, love, love it so when I received Foreo Day & Night Facial Cleansers created to work in harmony with the Luna I was excited and couldn't wait to try them.

Get Gorgeous On a Budget With Groupon

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I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy a spa or salon day but let's face it... The services we love to love don't come cheap. One of my favorite salon services is having my hair done. I admit, I have specific ideas about my hair colour and achieving it is quite the process. By the time I have highlights, several different colours applied and it's all dried, styled and fussed over, I can easily rack up a bill well in excess of two hundred dollars! The opportunity to relax and enjoy being pampered is well worth the cost but I admit, the chance to save some money on my favorite salon services can really help my budget.

One way to get gorgeous and save some serious moolah is with Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons. Groupon is easy and free to sign up for. Just supply your e-mail address, Groupon finds your location and sends you e-mails with the latest offers and specials. You just look through, find the service you want and with just a click, claim your deal.

Groupon doesn't just save you money on salon and spa services. You can find swinging deals on family events and outings, fashion, accessories, items you need for your home, cars and pets, too. You can even find discounts for delicious casual and fine dining. What could be better than getting what you want and need and saving money, at the same time?

Do you use Groupon? What are your favorite ways to use it and save? Please do tell.

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Fashion Flash | Do Not Hot Flash - Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash is live. This week, the oh-so-fabulous Melanie of Society Wellness is our hostess. This week's theme is: Don Not Hot Flash - Fashion Flash! Join our select group of 40+ bloggers who offer up our best in a wide variety of subjects including beauty, fashion, wellness and fitness, travel and lifestyle for the savvy, modern forty-plus woman of today. And keep coming back, as we have some amazing surprises in store for you, in the coming weeks!

Bargain Beauty Find | Masqueology Cream Masks

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I don't know about you but one of my favorite skin care procedures is masking. When my skin is feeling very dry, a little rough and just stressed out, there is nothing like a soothing, hydrating mask to calm and rehydrate my complexion. I own and have tried a lot of masks and today, I'm sharing with you a couple that are not only effective, they are super affordable and easy for anyone to find and to buy.

I received a couple of masks from Masqueology to try. I was intrigued by some of the benefits promised by these budget friendly masks:

  • Moisturize and hydrate dry, tired skin
  • Calm and transform dry, sensitive skin
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrate and repair
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Help fade and protect against hyperpgmentation and dark spots
I received a Moisturizing Cream Mask and a Special Care Cream Mask to try. I have used, so far the Moisturizing Creme Mask. 

After cleansing, I opened the packet and pulled out a sheet mask deeply saturated with a white, lightweight cream serum. After unfolding it, I set it into place and smoothed it down, making sure to get it in place just as I like. One thing I appreciated is that the extra sheet material from cutting out the eye holes is folded at the bottom of those holes and I made sure that those double, saturated areas were placed precisely under my eyes to get extra hydration to that delicate area. 

The mask felt so lovely and cool, as it smoothed onto my face. The rich, creamy serum instantly went to work, dropping hydration and soothing comfort into my skin. I immediately felt my skin begin to calm and my stress began to melt away and I felt a little more relaxed and happy, as well. I left the mask on my face until it was nearly dry then peeled it off and gently patted and pressed the additional moisture into my skin. My complexion looked and felt pumped up, silky and brighter, ultra soft and deeply hydrated. The positive effects from this mask lasted for several days. Impressive, indeed for such an affordable treatment! 

Masqueology makes many kinds of masks for different skin types and for different skin care concerns, including hand masksfoot maskseye gel masks, as well as skin care products. You can order from Masqueology in larger lots or buy in singles from WalMart. Connect socially on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Have you tried these lovely and affordable masks? Think that you might pick some up and give them a go?

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My Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Wishlist

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! For beauty lovers, that is. I refer of course, to the Sephora VIB Sale. A twice yearly event for which we mark our calendars and save our pennies so that we can splurge on some of our best loved and most wished for get gorgeous goodies.

The VIB sale will run in two phases and here is what you need to know:

VIB Rouge Members can shop and use the code: 20ROUGE 11/04 - 11/07 to save 20% off their total at Sephora stores, online and at Sephora Inside JC Penney.

VIB Members can shop and use the code: 20VIB 11/11 - 11/14 to save 20% off their total order at Sephora stores, online and at Sephora Inside JC Penney.

No discount is being offered to Beauty Insiders for this sale.

I am sure that I'm not the only beauty lover who has a seemingly endless Sephora Loves List! I thought that I would share a few of my most wanted items with you and give you some shopping ideas or at least get those sale juices flowing. A few of my picks are delightfully affordable, others are a bit on the spendy side. What better time to treat yo'self to something new and a little extravagant than during a great sale?

It was so hard to narrow down my enormous Loves List to just these thirteen items but I did it! Aren't you proud of me?

While you are shopping the Sephora VIB sale online, don't forget to use EBATES to save even more by getting paid cash back to shop online. If you are not yet a member, please click my link and sign up. It's fast, easy and free!

Are you looking forward to the Sephora VIB sale? Do you have your list ready? Please share your most wanted goodies in a comment and enable me! Because we all know that I need to be spending even more money on skin care and makeup than I already do.

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Mirabella Beauty Masquerade Collection for Holiday and Beyond

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Mirabella Beauty has released a petite and incredibly beautiful collection for Holiday and I am rather in love with it.


Masquerade is a tight, four piece collection consisting of three eye shadows and a matte, red lipstick. The colours are vibrant and jewel toned and the finishes are sumptuous.


Let us first adore the Eye Lights Eye ShadowsMirabella does eye shadow right and their shadows are among my all time favorites. One reason is that they are so beautiful to look at! The surface of these shadows are pressed in a dimensional diamond pattern that was almost painful to mar, by touching it.

These three Prismatech shadows are ultra silky smooth, highly pigmented and offer beautiful payoff and long, crease and fade resistant wear. These shadows work together flawlessly but also work and play well with any other eye shadows you may wish to blend into the party. Smooth these shadows on with a finger or a brush, you can't go wrong.


Swatched, you can see the beautiful, smooth mineral formula and the silky, almost liquid shimmer effect delivered by Eye Lights.

  • Gilt is a delicate gold. This is a very wearable shade, not too warm or in the least bit brassy. 
  • Mystery is a medium burgundy with a gorgeous golden shift. 
  • Charade is a glorious emerald with a heart of darkness. My poor old camera really dropped the ball on this one. This shadow, in person tones far less blue and is more vibrant than my photos portray. 


Let us continue on to the Crimson Modern Matte Lipstick. My sample arrived with the plastic, Modern Matte cap you see in the first photograph. I swapped it with the cap from my Colour Vinyl Lipstick so that I could throw it in my bag without having to worry about it coming open and wreaking havoc. Your lipstick will arrive with the cap shown in this photo.

If you read here with any regularity, you know that I tend to avoid most mate lipstick formulas because they murder my lips. Not so Crimson Modern Matte Lipstick. This lipstick has a creamy formula that delivers a matte finish that remains soft, almost balmy in feel and is extraordinarily comfortable, for a matte lip. I can wear this gorgeous red for hours and hours and when I remove it, my lips are still pretty happy. Amazing!


How'z about some swatch action? This gorgeous, beautifully balanced red is that nearly universally flattering shade that works for so many skin tones. Application is easy and smooth, a few precise swipes and I have full, opaque coverage. This matte is not flat, chalky or dry; it is ever so slightly satin and lively and it keeps my lips looking and feeling soft and pillowy, even hours later. Touchups are seamless without any weird lines of demarcation. There is a very light scent but it doesn't linger so sensitive beauties shouldn't have any difficulty with this lippie.

 I applied Crimson Modern Matte with a coordinating red lip liner but no barrier pencil as I wanted to see how well it behaves. Turns out, beautifully! While there was some very minimal feathering into the tiny vertical lines along my upper lip line, this lipstick stays put. It doesn't transfer off onto my straw or coffee cup but it does leave a light kiss print. If you have given up on red lipstick because of feathering or because it wants to leave a trail, everywhere try this lipstick. Seriously. Try it! I'm willing to wager that you will love it as much as I do.

Do you like what you see? If you do, the Mirabella Masquerade Collection can be purchased from Mirabella Beauty. Mirabella Beauty is Cruelty Free.

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