Mirabella Beauty Masquerade Collection for Holiday and Beyond

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Mirabella Beauty has released a petite and incredibly beautiful collection for Holiday and I am rather in love with it.


Masquerade is a tight, four piece collection consisting of three eye shadows and a matte, red lipstick. The colours are vibrant and jewel toned and the finishes are sumptuous.


Let us first adore the Eye Lights Eye ShadowsMirabella does eye shadow right and their shadows are among my all time favorites. One reason is that they are so beautiful to look at! The surface of these shadows are pressed in a dimensional diamond pattern that was almost painful to mar, by touching it.

These three Prismatech shadows are ultra silky smooth, highly pigmented and offer beautiful payoff and long, crease and fade resistant wear. These shadows work together flawlessly but also work and play well with any other eye shadows you may wish to blend into the party. Smooth these shadows on with a finger or a brush, you can't go wrong.


Swatched, you can see the beautiful, smooth mineral formula and the silky, almost liquid shimmer effect delivered by Eye Lights.

  • Gilt is a delicate gold. This is a very wearable shade, not too warm or in the least bit brassy. 
  • Mystery is a medium burgundy with a gorgeous golden shift. 
  • Charade is a glorious emerald with a heart of darkness. My poor old camera really dropped the ball on this one. This shadow, in person tones far less blue and is more vibrant than my photos portray. 


Let us continue on to the Crimson Modern Matte Lipstick. My sample arrived with the plastic, Modern Matte cap you see in the first photograph. I swapped it with the cap from my Colour Vinyl Lipstick so that I could throw it in my bag without having to worry about it coming open and wreaking havoc. Your lipstick will arrive with the cap shown in this photo.

If you read here with any regularity, you know that I tend to avoid most mate lipstick formulas because they murder my lips. Not so Crimson Modern Matte Lipstick. This lipstick has a creamy formula that delivers a matte finish that remains soft, almost balmy in feel and is extraordinarily comfortable, for a matte lip. I can wear this gorgeous red for hours and hours and when I remove it, my lips are still pretty happy. Amazing!


How'z about some swatch action? This gorgeous, beautifully balanced red is that nearly universally flattering shade that works for so many skin tones. Application is easy and smooth, a few precise swipes and I have full, opaque coverage. This matte is not flat, chalky or dry; it is ever so slightly satin and lively and it keeps my lips looking and feeling soft and pillowy, even hours later. Touchups are seamless without any weird lines of demarcation. There is a very light scent but it doesn't linger so sensitive beauties shouldn't have any difficulty with this lippie.

 I applied Crimson Modern Matte with a coordinating red lip liner but no barrier pencil as I wanted to see how well it behaves. Turns out, beautifully! While there was some very minimal feathering into the tiny vertical lines along my upper lip line, this lipstick stays put. It doesn't transfer off onto my straw or coffee cup but it does leave a light kiss print. If you have given up on red lipstick because of feathering or because it wants to leave a trail, everywhere try this lipstick. Seriously. Try it! I'm willing to wager that you will love it as much as I do.

Do you like what you see? If you do, the Mirabella Masquerade Collection can be purchased from Mirabella Beauty. Mirabella Beauty is Cruelty Free.

//products provided for consideration//


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