Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette - My Very Late Notes

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In the tradition of the slackereeist slackers who ever slacked, I am just now getting around to sharing with you the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette that I bought... A long, long time ago. Because I'm a baller, that way.


Contained within this pretty pink, heart embossed tin is a collection of sixteen deliciously cocoa scented eye shadows and a good sized, pink trimmed mirror that can be useful for on the go getting ready.


The overall feel of this palette is neutral with pops of pretty, wearable colour. There is a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes all of which combine to let me create as many beautiful eye looks as my little heart could desire.


A quick close up of the goods. Aren't these colours pretty? I adore palettes like this because they feed my need for neutrals yet they offer pretty splashes of the colour a part of me craves, from time to time.

I have swatches. I know... You've seen these shadows swatched a billion times. Buckle up for one billion and one. 😀


Let us begin with the highlights:

  • Satin Sheets is a softly golden shimmer infused ivory.
  • Divinity is a satin matte ivory. 
Both of these shadows are smooth and glowingly pretty and they work as beautifully as face highlighters as they do on my eyes. 


These are the shadows in the top row:

  • Almond Truffle is a softly satin cocoa rose.
  • Sprinkles is a strawberry pink satin.
  • Molasses Chip is a warm, bronze-y gold shimmer.
  • Malted is a greyed brown matte with tiny gold sparkles that don't really stick around when blended onto the eye. This shadow is a touch stiff and needs a little building for full payoff.


Row two contains:

  • Cashew Chew is a gentle, satin tan.
  • Cotton Candy is a sweet, pastel pink shimmer.
  • Cafe Au Lait, a taupe shimmer.
  • Bordeaux is a deep burgundy matte. This one is stiff and recalcatrint. It will work but I have to fight with it.
  • Mocha is a coffee with cream brown matte that is not super pigmented. I like it for transitioning up onto my orbital bone but it needs extra blending to smooth it.
  • Black Current is a not terribly pigmented grape purple with a lighter purple shift and tiny gold and purple sparkles. I know that this shadow disappoints a lot of people but I rather like it. I rarely wear purple on my eyes but when I do, I prefer a more low key approach to the shade. 


The final row has:

  • Dark Truffle is a dark chocolate brown that is a little stiff and a touch patchy but has pretty good pigmentation and will perform with a little care.
  • Pecan Praline is that perfect transition type shade. 
  • Totally Fetch is a bright, fuchsia pink satin.
  • Earl Grey is a beautifully greyed teal shimmer.

Overall, I am pleased with this palette and how it performs. All of the colours appeal to me and with a few exceptions, the shadows are soft, smooth, nicely pigmented and apply, build and blend effortlessly. A few are a little stiffer, can be patchy and need some coaxing to get their act together and one, Black Currant lacks real pigmentation. 

I am happy that I bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette and if you are like me and love a good neutral palette with soft pops of pretty colour, I heartily recommend that you check this beauty out. 

You can buy this palette at SephoraUlta BeautyMacy's and Too Faced Website

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