Lancome Auda [City] in Paris Eye Shadow Palette

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Really? I'm just talking about the Lancome Auda [City] in Paris Eye Shadow Palette now? In my defense, I bought this palette later in it's initial release and for a while, I thought that it was limited edition and sold out. Then I started seeing it, again so I brought it out, took pictures and finally decided to write it up.


Auda [City] in Paris is beautiful to look at and leave on a vanity top. The sleek, signature shape black lacquer look plastic outer shell is decorated with a line of Paris' iconic landmark buildings and a pair of impossibly dainty legs and feet in sky high heels tiptoeing across the landscape in matte relief.


This photo makes me want to scream. Sometimes, my old camera really struggles.

Inside, there is a full length mirror with the same pattern in black across the bottom and sixteen neutral eye shadows/liners laid out in a logical, eye pleasing progression running light to deep. I can work in each trio or quad or I can mix and match from across the palette, to my heart's content. A small, double ended eye brush rounds out the presentation.

A quick word about the brush; it's useless. Not only do I despise double ended brushes with a velvet passion, this brush isn't even worthy of my usual give one end a haircut and use the other treatment. Maybe I can use the flat end for nail polish cleanup. I'll give it a go but I'm not holding out hope. Honestly, I'd rather not receive a brush in a palette if it has to be a piece of junk. It just cheapens the experience and can make me question the quality of the palette, overall.

Happily, the eye shadows are what I wanted them to be. Soft, wearable, ladylike neutrals in matte, satin and shimmer finishes in a selection of shades and tones that I can use to create a variety of looks from a pale wash of colour all over my lid to a full on, smoked out evening eye extravaganza, all without having to resort to grabbing other palettes or singles.

Would you like to see swatches? The shadows are shown on lightly moisturized skin, no primer. Sorry if that appears to skew the results but I am not as young and fresh and tight of skin as I once was and I have to hydrate or it's all just a crepe-y mess and nobody wants to see that. Also, I seem to have swatched these, bottom shadow, then the three above, rather than trio then bottom shade. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking but I'm not going to reshoot.


  • Kitten Heel: Rose gold shimmer
  • Filigree: Delicate, pale gold shimmer
  • Chouquette: Ivory satin matte
  • Parfait: Matte baby pink
All four of these shades have good pigmentation and payoff on the eye. Chouquette doesn't show up very well in my swatch, it is very close to my skin tone. Kitten Heel is a favorite. 


  • Tenacity: Cocoa brown shimmer
  • Joie: Taupe shimmer
  • Voyage: Rust matte
  • Sante`: Tan matte
This section is very nice. Sante` is a terrific transition shade and Joie is gorgeous on the lid. Voyage can be a little temperamental but can be coaxed to cooperate. 

  • Clock Strikes 12: Dark purple-y brown shimmer 
  • Exhibition: Rose shimmer
  • Zip Me Up: Greyed lavender shimmer
  • Volcano: Ashy taupe shimmer
Of these four, Clock Strikes 12 is the troublemaker. It can be recalcitrant but with a patient hand, it will deliver. 


  • Nuit: Deep, greyed brown shimmer
  • Audacious: Medium golden brown shimmer
  • Couture: Light, greyed brown matte
  • "It" List: Charcoal mate
Nuit is smooth and easy to use, the other three are a touch bratty and "It" List can produce fallout but a little patience is all that I need to make it work. 

All of these shadows perform, build, blend and wear best for me over a good primer. Some are smoother and easier than others but that is true with many palettes. The ratio of great to not so hot shadows in this palette is very good so I have no real gripes. I like this palette and I'm happy that I picked it up. There is now an Auda [City] in London palette and of course, I think that I need it. For continuity's sake, of course!

Do you own the Lancome Auda [City] in Paris Eye Shadow Palette? Are you happy with it? Please do tell. 

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