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This go round, the Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing Masks! Face masks. Eye masks. Hair masks. Latex... Oh, wait. Different subject for another day.

Winter is brutal to my dry skin and I rely on face masks to help me keep the worst effects of dry, cold air and indoor heating at a minimum. When it comes to face masks for my dry skin, I stick to the three "ions." Exfoliation. Rejuvenation. Hydration. These three keywords makes choosing face masks easy; as long as I see them on the label, I know that that mask is most likely going to work for my skin. Most of the masks I'm sharing are great for multi masking. For example, I like to put cream mask on my cheeks and forehead, use a hydrating clay mask on my nose and chin and eye patch masks under my peepers. Specialized care for each zone for optimal results. How amazing is that?

Good face masks don't have to cost a fortune. Most of the masks in this post are reasonably priced, some less than ten dollars each. All of them are easy to find either locally or online and, as they have all been put through their paces by my very dry, maturing skin, are proven to work! So grab a warm beverage, settle in and let me share with you my picks for the best face masks for dry skin.

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When my skin is looking and feeling dry, a bit rough and flaky and the texture isn't exactly what I would like, I look to exfoliation, both chemical and physical to slough off dead skin and one great way to complete this little skin care task is with a good face mask. AHA and other fruit acids, clay, natural botanicals, scrubby bits... I enjoy the job when I can combine it with a little down time!

Rose Clay and Sea Kelp Powder are what I like to call kitchen sink DIY masks because I can mix them with water, rose water, add a little honey, aloe gel and or face oil to give my skin a purifying deep clean while hydrating and soothing. Toss in some sea salt and I can really power polish my face or other places smooth.

Valentia Advanced Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask comes in a big tub and should last about a decade. All joking aside, tho, if you're not into beauty kitchen witchery, this is a good all around cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying mask that leaves my complexion glowing and soft.

LATHER 10 Minute Brightening Mask with Glycolic Acid. Gentle reader, this mask is no joke. That 10% Glycolic means business and gets the job done. This stuff tingles and stings and eats away all of the stuff you don't want hanging around. If you have sensitive skin or are unused to using AHAs, do a tolerance test before you go all in and start slow. If your face is acid tolerant as mine is, grab this stuff and rock and roll. The results are real.

Some of my favorite clay - cream get the job done masks come from Farm House Fresh:

Pudding Apeel is a delicious, sweet tapioca scented cream mask that smells good enough to eat. Don't do that! Formulated with Glycolic Acid, this mask is not quite as hardore as the LATHER, above but it is effective.

Splendid Dirt is a nutrient mud mask with natural pumpkin puree. This is another one that smells disarmingly delicious but it is not meant to be spooned and gobbled up. I smear this pumpkin pie delight all over my face, kick back for twenty minutes or so, rinse it off and hello! Brighter, smoother face! I am running out of my mini, I need a full sized jar. Like, STAT.

Peat Perfection is an enriched peat purification mask that purifies, balances, calms and leaves my skin feeling delightfully fresh and soft. Because this mask balances the complexion, it is good for just about every skin type, oily to dry. Give it a try. Wow. I'm a poet and I didn't know it.

Guac Star is a creamy soft, hydrating and soothing mask that penetrates deep to calm and hydrate my skin. I want to pick up a full size of this one, soon.


Hydration. My skin craves it like I crave coffee. And, rather like me, if denied my precious, dark Nectar of the Gods, my skin will pitch a major bitch should it not get what it needs.

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask. I'm running low on this baby and will need to order a new one, soon. I've been hoarding what I have left but it is time to go ahead and use it up before the unthinkable happens and I have to toss it. This lovely, unscented, white cream mask is so moisturizing and comforting. My skin loves this stuff.

StriVectin Revitalizing Mask seems to no longer be available so we'll just pretend that I didn't neglect my research and it isn't in my picture, above.

Moving on...

Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask. Like coconut? Got dry skin? Get you a tube of this stuff. Seriously, you'll love how your skin feels after you use this mask.

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. Dude. I was really hoping that this stuff would smell like honey. Not so much. But it is lovely and hydrating and makes my skin soft and happy. So I guess I can live without the yummy scent.

Valentia Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask is some weird, gelatinous stuff. Mustard yellow of colour, odd of scent, it is so. very. hydrating and soothing. I like this stuff in the summer because it feels very cooling and refreshing, as it moisturizes my skin.

Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque. This gorgeous, spendy stuff is worth it's ask as it performs brilliantly. When my skin is stressed, extra dry and screaming at me at a pitch only dogs can hear, this cool, green gel smooths into my skin under my usual moisturizer and sinks in while I sleep so that I awake with a soft, plumped, calmed complexion.


Ahhh... Sheet masks! How I loooove you! Of all of my masks, sheet masks are my favorite. Okay, two in this picture aren't sheet masks but they are in the same kind of packaging and I couldn't leave them in with the tubes and jars, they kept yelling that these two couldn't sit with them and I had to put them, here. Let's get them out of the way, first. Shall we?

Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut Mask. I lay out two bucks and I get a coconut scented, natural mask with real coconut water, gentle white clay and Shea Butter that hydrates and makes my skin feel amazingly soft. The packet gives one very generously thick mask or two thinner, no less lovely treatments. I'm greedy. I use it all at once. Hot Spring Sauna is a light orange-tan mask that gets all lovely and warm as it is applied. Packed with good, scrubby stuff, it polishes my skin smooth as it detoxifies and lightly hydrates. Is anyone else creeped out by the fruits and flowers over the models' eyes on the packages? Or is that just me?

Masqueology Cream Masks. I am a huge fan of these extremely affordable, effective sheet masks. One dollar. A buck. Don't let the price fool ya. These masks are drenched in hydrating, creamy stuff and make my skin feel lovely and they smell nice, too. And, they're only a dollar!

Naisture 15 Minute Collagen Essence Sheet Mask - White Rose. A package of ten of these (sadly) unscented - I was really hoping that they would smell like rose - is only $10.15 and they are so nice! Soothing, hydrating and brightening. Dude, if you love sheet masks, are on a budget but want to stock up, this is your play.

Sephora Collection Sheet Masks. Different "flavors" for different skin types. Beautifully, lightly scented. So. Effective! These are masks I refuse to be without. They are just that good. And at only six dollars a piece, they are affordable enough to stock up on and keep around for pamper/spa days or just when you need a little TLC. Rose is of course, my favorite. I also love OrchidLotusAvocado and dammit! They're not making Honey, any more? Really? Okay, then. I need to pick up Pearl and Algae to try, next time I stock up. Which I usually do during the VIB sales. Discount! Yes!

Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask. This mask is the best eight dollars I've ever spent. I kid you not! I took this pic of the package after I used it so it looks ragged. Sorry, not sorry. This mask is fucking amazing. It's a two piece, applied to the upper them lower part of the face. It looks freaky on but it is so deeply hydrating that my skin felt exquisitely moisturized and was silky soft and plumped for days. Next Sephora order, Mama's getting herself some more of these!


Eye masks. I love to use these along with sheet or cream/clay masks. Multi masking at it's finest!

VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. I cleanse, attach these under my eyes, apply moisturizer to the rest of my face and hit the sack. Wake up to smoother, fresher, softer skin under my eyes and my developing crows feet diminished. These babies are pricey so I don't use them as often as I'd like but when my eyes really need a treat, this is what they get.

Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Masque. These little patches are soaked with eye area refreshing, soothing, brightening, softening goodness. I love to layer these under other masks so that I'm treating my face and my eye area, at the same time. Efficiency in motion. Take notes.

Sephora Collection Eye Masks. At five clams a treatment, these are not exactly cheap but they are affordable enough as well as lovely and effective. I love how big these babies are! They cover my entire under eye area, extending out and up, to cover my crows feet area and up onto my upper lids, helping to hydrate and lift there, too. Astonishing creatures! The rose smells rosy but doesn't irritate my very sensitive eyes. I'm into the Rose and Lotus, by the way.
//press sample//self purchased//affiliate links that pay me a small commission and help support my site are in use//

There you have it, gentle reader. My best face masks for dry skin. What do you think of my suggestions? Are any of these among your favorites? Are there any that you love that you'd recommend I try? I'm always down to try a new mask.

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