Fashion Flash ~ Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!

The ladies of Fashion Flash are ready to share our favorite things about spring! Travel. Fashion. Beauty. Wellness. Fitness. Join us as we celebrate the season of renewal in real style.

Before we get started, may I introduce our newest victim member of Fashion Flash? Please say Hi! to Stephanie Louise of Home in High Heels a lifestyle blog. Stephanie Louise also has a fantastic Beauty blog, All Things Beautiful XO.

Love the idea of keeping it all together? Stephanie Louise of Home in High Heels shows you why the KIT planner is a rainbow dream!

Sheila of Painted Ladies shows you how to blend your way to smoky eye shadow success in this easy tutorial.

It's time to celebrate women and this month's The Zoe Report Box of Style does that well. Luxury items all created by and for women. Beauty Info Zone loves the power of this subscription.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman of Best of Everything After 50 wants all single women to get out there and start dating again! Here are her best tips to get ready for some fun!

Deb of No Nonsense Beauty Blog looks into the science of sore feet -- and how to choose beautiful, comfortable shoes.

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels explains why she loves ageing ungracefully.

Shape up outdoors! Get out this spring and try these easy exercises by Certified Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach Mirabai Holland from Moving Free.

Prime Beauty found a wonderful skin care product in StriVectin Active Youth Infusion Serum. It provides tons of moisture and plumps skin for a youthful look.

Sometimes it can be tragedy and sorrow that jettisons you into your second life. That was the case with Donna McDonald and that transformation from technical to romance writer helped with her healing, too.

So you eat Goji berries? Society Wellness gives us ten reasons why we should and if you keep reading, eleven ways to eat them.

Find out how Allison at Never Say Die Beauty removes her makeup and gets her face clean as a whistle in an environmentally - friendlier way with no cleanser or makeup remover with the FaceOff Cloth!

Define Me Audrey is one of six beautiful perfumes with a purpose. This sparkling fresh-floral is a delightful mix of peony, rose and jasmine with a hint of sensual sandalwood. Just the kind of scent I love! Define Me donates one dollar for every bottle sold to She's the First, a non profit organization that uses 100% of donations to provide educational scholarships to girls in developing countries.

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