Get Soft and Sweetly Scented Skin All Over With Farmhouse Fresh Organics Blushing Agave Body Oil

I don't know about you but these warm, pretty days make me want to get my skin looking and feeling as soft and smooth as humanly possible. What can I employ to get me to my objectives? How about...

//product provided for editorial consideration//

A gorgeous, hydrating body oil from Farmhouse Fresh Organics? Wait. Did I just say, Organics? Why, yes. Yes, I did. Brand new to the Farmhouse Fresh lineup is their Organics products; GMO, synthetic herbicide and pesticide free in addition to being cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free.

Farmhouse Fresh Organics Blushing Agave Body Oil is a rich blend of natural, linoleic oils that soften and hydrate my skin while delivering a light, fresh, floral-sweet scent that is never overpowering or cloying.


I love to apply Blushing Agave Body Oil when I am fresh out of the shower or bath, on wet skin or smoothed on after towel drying. This oil drops right into my skin and never feels heavy, greasy or sticky. I also have used a little in my hair, on my cuticles and nails... Even my face. I just love this splendid oil so very much and gentle reader, if you are in the mood for a treat for your skin, I recommend that you pick up a bottle.

Are you as big a fan of Farmhouse Fresh Goods as I am? What are your favorites from the line? Anything you think I need to try, next?



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