New! PUR Cosmetics Bare It All 12 - Hour 4 - In - 1 Skin Perfecting Foundation and Oval Face Brushes

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If you are in possession of oily to normal skin, desire full near flawless coverage, long comfortable wear and an easy, smooth application, I have something that you may be interested in! New from PUR Cosmetics is their Bare It All 12 - Hour 4- IN - 1 Skin Perfecting Foundation.


 PUR Bare It All Foundation is packaged in a pretty, silver and holographic light and air safe squeezy tube and is available in ten shades from fair to deep with limited under tones, the majority of which run to the lighter side and a bit more yellow than I, personally prefer. Happily for me, the lightest two shades - my territory - are a little more neutral and work pretty well for my skin tone. PUR Bare It All Foundation is free of chemical sunscreens and is fragrance free, as well.

A thick, creamy-smooth formula offers medium-full to full coverage that is easily sheered out for the light-medium coverage I happen to prefer. When my skin gets a bit red, I can stipple a little more on targeted areas for a perfected, seamless finish. I can't use this under my eyes, which is a shame because when backed with a corrector, it does a damned decent job of helping to blank out my notoriously awful dark under eye circles.

 Pur Bare It All Foundation applies quickly, easily and smoothly with a dense, soft synthetic brush or damp beauty sponge and renders a natural, skin like satin finish. I love how this foundation looks on my skin until it has a chance to settle into those pesky fine lines that are not normally visible until I have spent time carefully making up my face. Argh! I also find this foundation to be drying; a few hours after application, my skin is crying for hydration. I can counter these effects to a certain extent by deeply moisturizing my skin, applying a good primer before application and mixing a little facial oil into the foundation but I still find myself wishing that this foundation were a bit more flexible and emollient by the end of the day and honestly, I'm just not reaching for this foundation as often as I would like to.


Swatches of all ten shades. I decided to try swatching on both my skin and a piece of clean, white paper to see which delivered more colour accurate swatches. In my opinion, the paper was a better option. Plus, it was easier to photograph!


  • Lovely for oily to normal skin types! 
  • Amazing, adjustable and customizable coverage.
  • A silky, creamy-dreamy formula that delivers a satin, skin like finish.
  • Wears beautifully, all day. 
  • Packaging! A pretty, holographic squeezy tube that protects the product from light and air. 
  • Fragrance free and contains no chemical sunscreens.
  • Cruelty free.

  • Not great for dry/very dry skin or maturing skin without some tweaking.
  • The shade range, while a good effort could be expanded, especially on the darker end of the spectrum and offering cool, neutral and warm versions of each shade would be wonderful.

Even tho this foundation is not ideal for my particular skin type, I do feel that this is an excellent product and I recommend it for younger, oily to normal skin. If you would like to try PUR Cosmetics Bare It All 12 - Hour 4 - In - 1 Skin Perfecting Foundation you can find it at Ulta Beauty and PUR Cosmetics


I have been curious about these oval makeup brushes since the coveted and oh-so-very-spendy Artis brushes made such a splash but I just can't, at this point and time justify paying the asking price for those brushes. You can imagine my delight when I opened the box containing my PUR foundation samples to also see two Artis-style face brushes.


I received a larger, oval foundation application brush and a smaller, concealer/contour sized brush. The flexible, silver toned plastic handles have rubbery easy grip ends and oval heads densely packed with extremely soft synthetic fibers.

These brushes are a delight to feel and to use. The brush head feels like a firm, silk velvet cushion that works foundation and concealer into my skin quickly and in surprisingly few strokes. The fibers don't suck up a lot of product and they give an utterly smooth, brushstroke free finish, even when examined in a high magnification mirror. I don't use these brushes for applying setting powder as I am inept and I tend to way over powder and end up creating for myself a lovely little case of cake face. Not cute! But for liquid and creme foundation and concealer? Yeah. These brushes work a treat for me.


A little closeup of the bristles of the PUR Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush. Look how dense it is! And it's as soft as a baby kitten.


My smaller brush arrived in a rather sorry state. The upper end is wonky, as you can see and there are a couple of bad cuts slashing the brush head. It seems to be an isolated indecent, as I have seen pictures of this brush posted by other bloggers and they are as they should be. In spite of these flaws, the brush still performs pretty well tho I do wonder how much better it would work without them. I'm sorry but I can't find listings for this brush.

Cleaning these brushes is easy-peasy. I like to clean my synthetic face and eye brushes in alcohol because it pulls the gunk and nasties out of the bristles in a trice and leaves them soft and sparkling clean without damaging them. I like these brushes and I would like to try eye and cheek brushes in this style.

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//products sent to me for consideration//affiliate links that help support my blog are in use//


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