My Favorite Scrubs for Baby Soft Skin

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Who doesn't love baby soft skin on their face and body? I know that I do! One of my favorite methods for acquiring and maintaining smooth skin on my face, bod and even my lips is to use a good scrub. I'm hooked on scrubs, the scrubbier the scrub, the better. Here are some of the scrubs I rely on, buy and repurchase and don't ever want to be without.


Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel. Not really a peel-peel. This lovely, cooling, lavender and herb scented stuff scrubs with natural exfoliators and real flowers. After scrubbing, I let it play masque. I leave it on until it dries then rinse and my skin feels renewed. I especially love this during our nasty-hot Arizona summers.

Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea Salt. Affordable, easy to find at many local stores and oh, wow! Effective as I could ever wish. My jar is the old packaging. I don't really care, as it's what's inside the jar that counts

 OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Bamboo Enzyme Dermafoliant an update to the rice powder product, shown here and in updated packaging. This is amaze! When my face needs a hella scrub down, I reach for this. A little powder in the palm of my hand, add a little water and get to it.

Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish. Combine a creamy base, physical skin polishing crystals, Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid and you get a combination scrub/masque that makes me glow, baby, glow! This stuff is spendy, I won't lie. It's also worth every dime.

Serious Skin Care Clycolic Gommage Extreme Renewal. Another combo of scrubby bits and Glycolic Acid that deeply cleanses, sweeps away loose, dead skin cells and leaves silken, glowing skin in it's wake. If you want more on my thoughts on this incredible stuff, see my Instagram review, here.

Lather Chia Seed and Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel. You know how much I love me some Lather and this cleanser is no exception. When I want a fresh clean and a gentle buff up, this is my go-to. If you are very sensitive but want effective cleansing and a smoother complexion, I recommend this stuff, wholeheartedly.

Vanilla & Argan Lip Scrub. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I have Sugar Plum. But that was a LE flavor and is not available but the Vanilla and Argon is the same difference. A lovely, lip nourishing base and fine sugar gently, yet effectively polish away dry, flaky lip skin and leaves my pout feeling pillowy soft. This scrub is effective yet it is gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my annoyingly sensitive lips.


We must, we must, we must, we must increase our bust exfoliate our bods! Whether I'm prepping for a fakealoo tan or just want to refresh and renew my skin and feel soft, all over I reach for a good scrub.

Lather Lavender & Olive Foaming Body Scrub is a spa day in my shower. I reserve this for days when I want to pamper myself. A little goes a long way, I've used this quite a few times and I still have a ton left! This lavender and olive scented scrub lathers up as it's worked into my skin then rinses away clean to leave me happy, soft and relaxed.

Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Tea Whipped Body Scrub. Sweet. Really does smell like tea. Deeply exfoliates and rinses away clean to leave my skin soft as soft can be and ready to receive any moisturizer or body butter I want to use. I especially like this scrub for my hands. As I get older, regular exfoliation and deep hydration are required to keep my hands looking and feeling their very best.

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I buy tub after tub after tub of this stuff. Fine and coarse sea salt, light, natural oils and that fabulous Original Pink Fragrance. Follow up with The Righteous Butter and I feel like a whole new woman. Soft, delicately yet lastingly scented and so girly.

The best part of all of these body scrubs? They don't leave my shower a slippery hazard zone. As usual, when using any softening and hydrating product in the shower, I make sure to step with care. Me, nekkid, wet, no bra, surrounded by paramedics? Not my dream scenario.

So, there ya go. Some of my favorite, tried and true face, lip and body scrubs. They never fail and I can't, won't live without them. What are some of your favorite scrubs? Got any good ones that I should be using? Drop me some suggestions, in the comments section.

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