New! The JessxIttse Glambition Collection Blush and Highlight Palette - Photographs and Swatches

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When I learned that fellow beauty blogger and social media goddess Jess, the brain and heart behind Love for Lacquer had teamed up with cosmetics company Ittse (pronounced it-see) to create a blush and highlight collection I was so excited for her. Jess is a wife, mom, blogger and she is building a social media empire, on her way to total world domination. It makes perfect sense that she would pad her already impressive resume with her own custom makeup collection.

I am so thrilled that Jess included me in this launch and I can't wait to show you what arrived, yesterday.


Fashion Flash - It's Getting Hot Out There!

It's getting hot out there and the ladies of Fashion Flash have just what you need to greet the summer season in style. A couple of our bloggers are hosting fabulous giveaways, there are great articles on beauty, fashion, travel. fitness and wellness. Read on, travel and enjoy.

Beauty Info Zone is dreading the bad hair days of summer. Luckily we have Goldwell Kerasilk to help us with our shining glory.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman of Best of Everything after 50 thinks it's every woman's right to have beautiful brows! Here's how to get them.

Is licorice really good for our skin or is it just a popular candy? Deb of No Nonsense Beauty Blog Investigates

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels lets you in on the secrets and glamour of Ticion, Switzerland's southernmost canton.

Spring has sprung and I've been getting those e-mails for a month or so asking for advice on how to get on and stay on an exercise program. So here it is: Workout: Gain Without the Pain from Mirabai Holland.
On the lookout for a for a new multi benefit facial serum to get your skin in shape for summer? Enter Never Say Die's giveaway to win Paula's Choice fabulous Omega + Complex, one of Allison's all time favorite serums!

Sheila from Painted Ladies is giving away an Invicta #peaceandlovejewelry watch and bracelet with a value of $250.00!

Prime Beauty loves double duty products. The new IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow is a TRIPLE THREAT with Bronzer, blush and highlight all in one anti-aging product.

Society Wellness shares the ways to fight free radicals that lead to aging.
Janise from Mama in Heels shares her review on a waterproof liquid eye liner and whether it can actually last up to 24 hours.

Are you curious about natural deodorant? Have you tried some in the past that perhaps weren't so... fresh? I have! I recently received the Lather Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant to take out for a test drive. My thoughts on this product are at the link, above.

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Snacking on Clinique: Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

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I was shopping on Sephora's website, one day (I have to shop on Sephora's website because they won't build me a store, where I live) and before I checked out, I went site sifting for bonus goodies and so forth. In the Rewards Bazaar was a 500 point box of little Clinique yummies, one of which was a snack sized jar of Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. I've been intrigued about this product for a while, now so I sacrificed some points and tossed the box in my cart.

Less Frizz and Silkier Tresses with StriVectin HAIR All Smooth

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I am forever on the prowl for hair care products that can tame my wurly, frizzy mop and transform it into smooth, soft, shiny tresses. When StriVectin sent over their Frizz Control Line for me to test drive, I was delighted. Formulated with specialized ingredients like their NA114 technology and a Hydrosmooth Anti Frizz Complex, StriVectin Hair Frizz Control hair care is created to lock in moisture, replenish strands and reduce porosity to smooth and calm that wild frizz. Sounds like exactly what my crazy hair needed! Did it live up to my hopes and expectations? Read on.

LATHER Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

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Natural Deodorant is something that I've avoided using for many years. I've tried it in the past, only to have the stuff fail me terribly at the worst possible time, leaving me ill inclined to ever try it, again.


Fashion Flash and Giveaway Alerts

Fashion Flash is live and being hosted by Second Lives Club. This week's line up of articles offer the best in beauty, fashion. lifestyle for the forty-plus woman in the know.

Some of the ladies of Fashion Flash are hosting fabulous giveaways sponsored by Peace and Love Jewelry, Invicta and Evine Home Shopping Network so be sure to swing by all of their blogs to enter to win.

Makeup Wars - My Affordable Skin Care Favorites for Dry/Very Dry and Maturing Skin

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This week, Makeup Wars presents our favorite drugstore and affordable skin care!

Skin is our largest organ and it requires specialized care. Care that, it turns out doesn't have to cost a fortune. While spendy skin care is a lovely, luxe indulgence and I admit, one of my favorite beauty experiences, I regularly use and get good, solid results from high quality, affordable skin care, much of which I buy at my local drugstore, Ulta Beauty and from Amazon.

Today, I have some of my favorite affordable skin care items for face and body. This is going to be a long post... I seem to not be able to edit myself when I'm pulling products for Makeup Wars posts so settle in and get comfy, you're going to be here, a while.


Pur Cosmetics Vanity Palettes -- Dream Chaser and Goal Digger

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You know that I love me some Pur Cosmetics. A couple of my favorites from this line are their Love Your Selfie 2 Palette and of course, the oh-so-adorable Trolls Eye Shadow Palette. Pur Cosmetics recently released two new palettes that are perfect for getting your gorgeous on, both at home and away. Say hello to the Pur Cosmetics Vanity Palettes.


Bargain Beauty Find! Jesse's Girl Matte Finish Lip Color -- Angelic

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I love it when I encounter a product that I can unreservedly declare a Bargain Beauty Find!


My Favorite Overnight Face and Body Treatments for Soft and Glowing Skin

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Soft and Glowing skin. I want it. And I have to work for it. Happily, there are fantastic overnight face and body treatments that do some of the work for me, while I sleep!


Fashion Flash - May Day Edition

Sorry that this is posting late. My laptop, which is going on three years old is behaving more and more like a recalcitrant toddler than the good old 'puter I have come to know and love, so much. It has moments and meltdowns and it threw a major tantrum, this morning. It's about time to replace it. *sigh* While I enjoy a shiny, new, fast, feature packed laptop as much as anyone, the process of selecting, purchasing and getting it all set up the way I like it and want it to be is a huge pain in my ass. I'm not looking forward to it. I will say this; when the selection of my new lappie is made, Geek Squad can do the initial setup and move all of my files from my old one to my new one 'cause I'm not doing THAT, again.

Anyway, me ranting about my computer and what I will and won't do isn't why you're here.

Fashion Flash - May Day Edition is being hosted by the fabulous and adventurous Inka of Glamour Franny Travels. There is lots of good stuff in this edition. I hope that you enjoy it.

I hope that you are all having a great week and hopefully, I'll see ya soon.