Perfect, Soft Beachy Waves are Made of Sugar

//product provided to me for editorial consideration//

Summer is the season of the soft, beachy wave. Fast, low maintenance and as pretty as a sunny day at the shore, beachy waves are a style that works well with my thick, wurly hair. Beachy waves are a cinch to pull off and I can wear my hair down down, in a half up or even in a casual updo and no matter how hectic my day, how hot, humid or windy it gets, my hair looks "done" but not fussy.

The magic of beachy waves is found in the styling product used to achieve them. Now, we all are familiar with salt sprays and unless I'm missing my guess, you probably have at least a couple of them knocking around our hair product baskets like I do. Salt spray makes creating the perfect, blowey waves easy but salt can be a bit drying and leave my hair feeling a tad... Crunchy and a bit build-uppy/grungy when the waves bite the dust and I brush my hair out for it's bedtime updo. Yuk.


I was recently introduced to fabulous, longer lasting, natural looking waves and wurls, softer hair with less frizz and stiff feeling in the form of Sugar Texturizing Spray from a new to me hair care brand No. 4 High Performance Hair Care. You guys, where has this stuff been all of my life?!

It's easy to get my soft, pretty beachy waves; after washing or just wetting my hair down with a spray bottle of water, I add some leave in, lightly oil my length and shake my hair loose at the roots with my fingers to separate and let the curl and clump process begin. Then I grab my Sugar Texturizing Spray and mist my hair, lifting it from the ends and dropping it into the spray and finish up with an additional spritz to my canopy. A little scrunching, all over and twisty-twisty of random locks that need some encouragement and I'm done but the air drying. Which kind of takes forevah... I really need to get a diffuser for my hair dryer... It's so hard to keep my fingers off of my hair while it dries! If it's not up, I'm constantly fiddling with it and that's a huge no-no while curls and waves are drying if you want to avoid frizz and girl, I will do anything to avoid frizz! The end result, if I have applied my product properly, used just the right technique and the planets align is soft, defined s-waves and lovely, loopy spirals that last until I brush them out.

Sounds nice, huh? Trust me, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair or want to fake it, you need Sugar Texturizing Spray

No. 4 High Performance Hair Care is cruelty free, vegan, gluten and paraben free. The sulfate and salt free formulas are gentle to hair and can help preserve colour. I like this sugar spray and I'd love to try other products in this line. What about you? Have you tried? Think that you might like to?


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