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Hydrating Care for Dry/Mature Skin from Colleen Rothschild

I love trying new skin care products and when I find winners, I love slotting them into my arsenal and making them a part of my overall skin care routine. Today, it is my pleasure to share with you a new to me skin care line and what I think about the products that I got to take out for a test drive.

Behind the Scenes Beauty - Everyday Items I Can't Live Without

 What exactly is "Behind the Scenes Beauty?" Well, put simply it is the beauty and self care products and items I depend on day after day and buy again and again. It's the stuff I can't live without. 

Sam Marcel That Glow - Highlight Palette | Review and Swatches

I love highlighter. I really do. If there is one makeup item that can illuminate, lift and enhance my features, imparting a lovely, youthful radiance it's a good highlight. Today, I have a new highlighter palette to share with you.

My Favorite Bronzer for Dry and Maturing Skin | Makeup Wars

//affiliate links that help support my site but cost you noting extra are in use// Well, it's that time, again. Makeup Wars and I can just hear your mental groan. "Great. She's going to trot out a long, drawn out roundup of half of the shit in her makeup case. How long is it going to take me to scroll through this TL/DR tribute to long windedness?" Cheer up, gentle reader. I'm taking it easy on you, today. This week's Makeup Wars theme is Extending That Summer Glow and I chose to natter about my favorite bronzer. I have one. One favorite bronzer. If you think I'm picky about the foundations I use, you should see the process a bronzer undergoes to qualify to join my makeup collection, much less be considered my favorite. Many are called, very few are chosen. I own I think... three? bronzers and only one qualifies as my go to, reach for it every time, buy another one when the old one runs out favorite.

Bargain Beauty Find - NYX Luv Out Loud Creme Liquid Lipsticks

Are you looking for some new bold, fun lip colours for transition and fall? I have some to share with you that you might just like. NYX sent over their new, limited edition Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipstick collection for me to kick the tires and take out for a test drive and I'm sharing my thoughts about them, now.