Bargain Beauty Find - NYX Luv Out Loud Creme Liquid Lipsticks


Are you looking for some new bold, fun lip colours for transition and fall? I have some to share with you that you might just like. NYX sent over their new, limited edition Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipstick collection for me to kick the tires and take out for a test drive and I'm sharing my thoughts about them, now.

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How do we love others, love ourselves? What words describes our best attributes? NYX Professionals chose six powerful words that describe the best of all of us to name the beautiful colours in this collection.

NYX Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipstick is a velvety, creme-matte formula that applies pretty smoothly and sets but doesn't dry down, completely or go fully matte and while they are transfer resistant, they will kiss off and leave a slight bit on a cup or straw. I would love it if these lippies were a little more flexible, as they can tend to gather or crack in lip lines, especially if applied too thick. The feel on is pretty comfortable, my very sensitive lips can wear one of these for a day and not be screaming for help so I call that a win!

I have a couple of small gripes with this formula. The first is the plasticy, chemical scent and taste. It's not too strong and I can get around it but if you are very sensitive or just hate this kind of scent, you may not like these. The other small complaint is, since these lippies don't dry all the way down, they tend to remain a little sticky. Talking, holding my lips together lightly, drinking don't pose much trouble but if I press them together, they will stick a bit, if I press them hard, one will pull the colour off the other and if that happens, I have to clean my lips off before I can reapply. Removal of these lip cremes is easiest with micellar water or a nice oil on a cotton pad.

Wear time is pretty respectable. I get hours of wear before I need to pay attention to it. Drinking from a cup or straw doesn't much bother this stuff but it won't survive a full meal. Touchups aren't a problem, as long as the initial application was light and even, this formula can be applied on it's self. Just be careful not to go to the goopy side or you'll wish you hadn't.

I'm going to share goofy and lip swatches, below. Yeah. I don't know what got into me, must have been a crazy day.



Obligatory try hard to be like the sexy Instagram IT-Girls lippie-in-the-lips-shot. Yes, you should be laughing. I am.


Confident is a slightly pink-peach pale nude. Looking at the tube, I was convinced that this would be a total non starter for me. Guess what? I kinda dig this! It works better for my skin tone than I thought it would. I just wish that it didn't crack so badly on my not so spring chicken lips.

Brilliant is a lovely, dusty rose-mauve. This is another one that, when I looked at the tube I was thinking, "Nope. Toooo brown!" Well, surprise! This is so pretty, it looks good on me and it's the perfect anytime, anywhere neutral.

Extraordinary is a deep, saturated berry. This one is a little thinner, it can go on patchy, I let the first coat set then I lightly smooth over the thin areas to even it out. It works.

Passionate is violet. The colour is pretty but not a huge fave of mine.

Fearless is a greyed pale lavender. I love this colour. Tragically, this colour doesn't love me.

Brave is a deep, rich royal purple. My idiot camera toned this lippie to blue. I swear, I could slap that little shit, sometimes. This one goes on patchy, I need to let it set a little then even it out. Want to know what really shocked me is how much I love, love, love this colour on me. It just works. Who knew that this old broad would fall head over heels for purple lipstick?

My faves are Brilliant, Extraordinary and Brave. These are the shades I can see myself wearing on a regular basis. I want to make Fearless work, somehow. I just love that colour!

NYX Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipstick collection is exclusive to Ulta Beauty, they go for $6.99 each and they are available for a limited time so if you see anything here that strikes your fancy, get in there and get them, while you can!



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