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BREAST CANCER AWARENESS IS A CAUSE THAT IS CLOSE TO MY HEART and seared into my soul. I lost my mother to breast cancer on November 11th of 2013. She was diagnosed with an aggressive, fast moving form of the disease and in spite of all best efforts and treatment, it spread fast and took her from us far, far too soon.


Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed form of cancer in American women, second only to skin cancers and only lung cancer is more deadly. 

WHAT CAN I DO? First thing; talk to your doctor. Asses your risk by talking about your family and personal medical histories. Do you have close maternal family members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer? If so, your risk can be higher. My mother, my aunt (my mother's sister) and my cousin - my mother's sister's daughter - were all diagnosed with breast cancer within two years of each other. They all had their initial tumor in their right breast, their disease was aggressive and it spread fast and all three died within a year of each other. This all adds up to some not so friendly odds, for me. Because of my family history, I am on top of my self exams and on my physician's recommendation, I have screening mammograms more often than the average woman my age. 

LEARN HOW TO DO A PROPER BREAST SELF EXAM and do them, on a regular basis. Most cancerous lumps are found by self exam or "by accident." A wet, soapy hand in the shower, the caress of a lover or just while applying body lotion. Get to know your breasts really well. Learn how they normally look and feel and keep a sharp eye out for any visible changes. If you do see or feel a lump, anything new, different or "odd", even if it seems small or like "nothing" get your ass in to see your doctor! Better to get examined and scanned and get the all clear then to let something tiny, that can be stopped in it's tracks early get out of control.

 HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR DOCTOR about the appropriate screening methods for you; for your age, breast tissue type and risk factors. Breast cancer can strike at any age. Teenagers have been afflicted as have people in their eighties or later. While mammography is the gold standard of breast scans, it isn't as effective for those who are very young or have dense breast tissue. Depending on your age, risk factors or your breast tissue; ultrasound or other scans may be more appropriate for you. Again, talk to your doctor. 


TALK TO THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE and inform them that they are at risk. You'd be shocked at how many men have no clue that they can, in fact contract breast cancer. My husband had no idea, until I told him. Encourage your guys to talk to their doctor and get the appropriate for them exams and screenings done. 

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Visit the American Cancer Society and get informed. 

CANCER CAN STEAL MORE THAN HEALTH AND LIVES, it and the strong treatments that must be endured can steal a cancer warrior's self confidence, as well. The skin undergoes changes, weight can be lost or gained, hair is lost. Hello Gorgeous! is a 501 (c) non profit organization that provides complimentary red carpet makeover experiences to women battling all forms of cancer. These are full spa, ambush makeovers performed in one of their mobile day spas or in partnering affiliate salons across the United States. 

YOU CAN HELP PUT HELLO GORGEOUS! BACK ON THE ROAD. Last April, their mobile spa vehicle was lost in a fire and while it was covered by insurance, they are asking for some help to cover expenses not covered and to provide more makeovers to women in local salons. If you would like to help Hello Gorgeous! you can do so through their Go Fund Me


One in Eight | Let's Talk About Breast Cancer

I received a snuggly red hoodie sweatshirt - size large - and two copies of "I Promise to Put My Lipstick on When I Get There" The Complete Guide to Staying Gorgeous Through Your Cancer Treatment from Hello Gorgeous to give away. I am including the hoodie and one copy of the book in this giveaway and the second copy of the book is going to a local organization. We all know that I can't do a giveaway without some delicious beauty so I am also including a brand new, unopened (I only took the bottle out of the box for the picture) bottle of SHINE Brightening Facial Oil, this gorgeous mix of natural oils smells gently of jasmine and it is so softening, hydrating and comforting to the skin. SHINE is one of my all time favorite facial oils. By the way, SHINE is also gorgeous in the hair, for cuticles and nails, too. Also included is a tube of Wink Lash and Brow Oil. This natural oil is blended to help regrow lashes and brows. During the month of October, for every tube of Wink sold, Amalie Beauty donates a tube of Wink to a cancer warrior! Together, the SHINE and Wink oils are a $100.00 retail value. Amalie Beauty is cruelty free and free of harmful chemical ingredients.

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