Fashion Flash | Welcome July!

It's a new week and that means that it's time for a new edition of Fashion Flash, the weekly e-news magazine for 40+ women.

This week's host is the marvelous Marcia of  Beauty Info Zone. Enjoy articles by our savvy group of bloggers and podcasters, on a wide variety of subjects from beauty to travel, wellness and fitness to fashion and lifestyle.

From this week's edition, an amuse bouche:

  • a delicious sunscreen
  • sleep better, feel better, enjoy sex even more
  • this is your skin - this is your skin on air pollution
  • international travel for first timers
  • gorgeous new, cruelty free makeup
  • delicious summer squash recipes
  • a fab value for money beauty box
  • ageless and beautiful tresses
  • mindful shopping tips
  • if your arms keep waving when you stop
  • hair colour podcasting
  • a star shaped makeup brush to lust after

We all need a little me time, a break from our busy lives to relax and enjoy a good read. Grab a tall, cold beverage, find a shady spot and relax and enjoy. 

In Marley Cat news, the little dude is doing great! Marley is recovering beautifully from his surgery, he goes in on the sixth for his final follow up, suture removal and permanent casting off of the hated bumper (inflatable recovery collar). Mama is now on a strict no-buy while she pays off the vet bills balance she is carrying. *sigh I'll tell ya, sometimes, adulting can really suck but, it's worth it to have my little orange friend healthy and feeling better, again! 

Happy Fourth of July to my U.S. gentle readers and I'll see you all, soon.