Fashion Flash | It's a Fashion Flash Summer!

July has come to an end, August has begun and here is this week's Fashion Flash!

Hosted this week by Cindy at Prime Beauty Blog is an e-newsletter fulled with the best of summer beauty, fashion, travel, cuisine and fitness inspo for women over forty.

Here is what you will find, this week:

  • Got lines in your eye area? Get Retinol. 
  • Visit Selcuk, Turkey.
  • Help for that delicate under eye area.
  • Affordable, effective skin care at an affordable price.
  • An update on a prior eye serum review.
  • The best tips on interval training workouts.
  • The scoop on lanolin.
  • An easy and delicious pasta dish.
  • A review of a skin care line you need to check out. 

Have a great week, we'll see ya, soon.