Fashion Flash for the Week of 9/17

It's Time for Fashion Flash for the Week of 9/17

Fashion Flash for the Week of 9/17 is being hosted by Janise of Mama in Heels and features some great articles and podcasts for women over forty.

What can you expect when you read this week's edition?

  • tips for a beautiful smile
  • anti aging skin care for a beautiful neck
  • best exercises for cancer patients
  • menopause awareness
  • rolling with jade and crystals
  • mmm... chocolate cake... err... smoothies
  • when do we begin worrying about wrinkles
  • secrets of the museums in London
  • a beautiful flush of blush
  • three eye shadow looks with a new Colour Pop palette
  • get your prettiest peepers yet

In case you hadn't guessed by the picture I'm using to head my Fashion Flash posts, right now I'm really ready for fall! Unfortunately, where I live summer is still well in command for a while, yet. The daytime highs are still in the upper eighties or low nineties and it's so warm at night, I'm still sleeping with a fan on me and no blankets. Soon, the season will turn and we'll be enjoying those perfect fall days before the colder weather sets in. I for one, can't wait!

I hope that you all have a great week and we'll see you soon.

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