Makeup I Want to Concentrate on Using This Fall

As a blogger and a makeup lover, I have a rather more sizable cosmetics hoard collection than I would, otherwise and inevitably makeup that I like, that I purchased because it really spoke to me is getting passed over and that isn't fair to my pretties or my pocketbook. So, I decided to do some stash diving and pull some products that I want to concentrate on using, this fall.

Makeup I Want to Concentrate on Using This Fall  1

This is not a Project Pan or a Use It Up kind of dealio, I have just decided to concentrate a little extra love on these items, in particular. If you're curious about the makeup I'm concentrating on using this fall, read on.

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In the Beginning

When I started pulling products for this blog post, I got a little crazy, grabbing this palette and that one, this blush, that blush, this blush palette and lippies... Good God. The lippies. How many lipsticks and glosses were in the pile? Too many. I had pulled too many of everything so I told myself to narrow it down. A lot. Which I did and then I separated everything into categories, as if they were pictures in my post and still. Too many things. Pare it down, again. So I did. Reassessed and did it, one more time until I came up with a nice little collection of pretty things I knew that I would have a good chance of actually using, on a regular basis.

Makeup I Want to Concentrate on Using This Fall  ABH Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

The Eyes Have It

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette, $42.00 - Sephora is a perfect-for-fall collection of warm shades found in glorious old masters paintings in museums, palaces and private collections around the world. Soft neutrals, intense reds and burgundies and dancing shimmers can be used in countless ways to create the most captivating eye looks with ease.

Makeup I Want to Concentrate on Using This Fall  Marc Jacobs Iconic Eye Shadow Palette

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi Finish Eye Shadow Palette, Edgetorial $49.00 - Sephora. I admit that I have only swatched this beautiful palette and used a couple of the shades once. Really? These smoky greens, grounded neutrals and that absolutely glamorous, Studio 54 worthy gold shimmer are just begging to dress my lids. Why haven't I let it?

Makeup I Want to Concentrate on Using This Fall   Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Dress My Face

My cherished Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette - See a Similar One Here - has been living mostly as a pet, since I won it in a giveaway almost three years ago. I rarely used it because it was so special to me but how stupid is that? Leaving this lovely thing in a drawer to languish until one day, a few years down the road I realize it's gone over and I have to toss it makes no sense so I'm determined to get maximum enjoyment out of it and use the hell out of it.

Makeup I Want to Concentrate on Using This Fall  Lipsticks

Lippies I Love

I think that I mentioned, earlier that this isn't a Use It Up kind of post. Well, I kind of lied. These two beautiful lipsticks have been around for a while and it is time to use them before I lose them. Both are my personal perfect pinky-nude-I-love-to-wear-this-colour-so-much neutral that never fails. So why have I not worn these down to the very last use, long ago? Don't ask me.

 Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in Stick Lipstick, #08 Pink in Confidence $38.00 - Nordstrom. This luscious, creamy, conditioning lipstick is soft, glossy and so luxe. And I tend to just let it be a piece of lipstick rack sculpture or a photo prop rather than wearing it and enjoying it. I've set myself the task to use this lipstick up, by the end of the year.

MAC Matte Lipstick, Please Me $18.50 - Nordstrom is an amazingly cushiony and hydrating matte that is comfortable enough for even my insanely sensitive, fussy lips to wear in comfort. This one needs to be done... Since it's a matte and I don't use mattes often, by spring.

It's a Wrap

Are there any makeup pretties in your collection that are eating their heads off for lack of exercise that you want to concentrate on using, this fall? Please do tell in a comment.

Our summer break is officially over so be sure to visit the other blogs in this Makeup Wars collaboration and find out what makeup and looks my fellow bloggers are loving this fall.


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