Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop

Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop

Let's talk about hair care, shall we?

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What Is Pai-Shau Tea Infused Hair Care?

 Pai-Shau Tea Infused Hair Care is a line of  professional hair care products infused with a signature Exotic Tea Complex. According to Pai Shau, this exclusive blend of steeped teas works in unison to provide powerful rejuvenating properties and antioxidants like Panthenol, Vitamins A, B, C and E that can help strengthen, nourish and protect hair. With regular use, hair looks and feels softer, smoother and is shiny and full of body. These products are enhanced with a soft, rich floral with a waft of vanilla scent that does like to linger a while so if you are scent sensitive or averse, I would suggest moving on.

Pai-Shau does not test their products on animals. and they are vegan friendly. The products are also paraben, sulfate and phosphate free and are gluten free.

Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop 2

I received three products from their Replenishing line to try and I've been using them, for the last few weeks. The shampoo and conditioner are very nice - they kind of remind me of old-school, back before they started mucking around with the formula every five minutes Pantene hair care that I used to love.

Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop Shampoo


Pai-Shau Replenshing Hair Cleanser, $26.00 - Macy's, is a creamy, golden sulfate free shampoo formulated with the Exotic Tea Complex that offers a unique combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a rich, cushioning lather that cleanses thoroughly and rinses away leaving my hair feeling clean, soft and not stripped or dried out. 

Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop Conditioner


Pai-Shau Replenishing Creme Conditioner, $28.00 - Macy's is formulated with a proprietary emollient blend of rice amino acids and hydrolyzed oat proteins strengthen and calm the cuticle to restore luster and shine. The thick, creamy conditioner spreads easily to saturate every inch of my strands and infuse moisture without weighing my hair down, leaving it feeling bouncy and silky soft. 

Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop Biphasic Infusion


Of the three products I was gifted to test drive, Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion is the rock star. Biphasic Infusion is enriched with the Signature Tea Complex, containing a blend of white, green, black and African red bush and Pu-erh teas that work together to deeply soften, smooth and add shine to even seriously damaged hair. Just give the bottle a good shake then pump out the desired amount and work it through wet or dry hair. This treatment can be used in between wash days to provide additional shine and softness when and where your hair needs it. 

Now, I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke up your ass and promise repaired, brand new hair after use. Gentle reader, that ain't happening. Hair, once damaged is damaged and nothing can change that. Topical treatments, like this lovely stuff fills in the rough spots, smooths and bumps up shine, making my distressed hair look and feel measurably better. 

What's the Deal With My Hair, Anyway?

My hair is a bit of a mess, if I'm being perfectly honest. It's one reason why I'm not taking or posting new photos. I know... I shouldn't be so silly about it but I am, okay? Right now I'm in a serious grow out phase after years of bleaching and completely trashing my hair. In the last two years, I've left my hair to grow, without any chemical intervention and I've chopped off about eighteen inches of terrifyingly damaged length, so far. My currently bra strap length tresses still has about another... six inches or so that desperately needs to go. I just can't bring myself to reach for the scissors at the moment so I'm depending on the Biphasic Infusion to help nurse my length along until I finally get over myself and just do what needs to be done. I just hate cutting my hair. 

What am I planning to do with my hair, after I've finally rid myself of the worst of it? Well, I'm not sure but I'm thinking about lifting my level 5-6 base and doing an all over silver. My hair is now a good sixty percent silver and my beloved blonde was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and keep looking really good. So, I figure, why fight the flow? Just go all over bright silver and flaunt my natural sparkles as they continue to take over more and more territory, day by day. I have always loved being a blonde, I can rock silver hair, just as easily. 

Bottom Line and Where to Buy

My overall assessment of the three products I have is, this is very nice hair care. The shampoo and conditioner work as promised and the Biphasic Infusion is rocking my happy little world. You can purchase the line from Pai-ShauMacy's and salons and beauty supply stores that stock the line. 

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Pai Shau Tea Infused Hair Care | The Real Scoop Review


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