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Fall has finally hit, in my neck of the woods. The low, this morning was 38 degrees and there was frost. Some of the trees are beginning to change colour and even the fans all over my home are quiet. Marley Cat is happily sleeping... living on his heated bed. On the first day of fall, my husband brought out the heating pad and set it in Marley's favorite spot and plugged it in. Mind you, the cat didn't need the heating pad at that time. It was still getting hot enough during the day that we were running the air conditioner, but it was officially fall and in my husband's mind, that meant that the cat needed his heated beddies. Don't worry, Marley doesn't lie directly on the heating pad. It is wrapped in a doubled up, thick towel then his purpad goes on top of that. He is nice and warm and cozy and he is protected from getting too hot or injured. 

When I ordered the purpad, I chose the cute paw print pattern and on the reverse is the skulls pattern that Marley insisted on; cutsey paw prints not being very rock and roll, you understand. 

marley cat on his purpad

Yeah. That's the ugliest love seat known to human kind and yes, it's in my living room. I'm such a lucky girl.