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Meet My New Favorite Fall Fragrance

Soar Rollerball Perfume is the new fall fragrance by A Girl's Gotta Spa! This new addition to their hand created perfume line is the warmer, smokier sister to the exquisite Arise. A joyful blend of soft floral, smoky and sweet-spicy notes feels intimate and sexy making it perfect for the cooler, shorter days and long, cozy nights this time of year.

soar for fall by a girls gotta spa

My Personal Experience

When I apply Soar, I am first greeted by a riotous tumble of searing geranium, soft rose absolute, rich fig and crisp green tea. As those notes begin to softly fade away, cool, precious amber, hot spicy white ginger and sweet, sharp orange rise to take center stage as gentle, feminine white musk joins the dance. The scent continues to morph on my skin and just about the time I begin to wonder what is coming next, the musk quietly steps away, leaving just a hint of it's sensual presence and the white ginger lingers for a while as the scent of deeply banked coals and renewed orange last for a while longer.

Soar Rollerball Perfume is an intimate scent that wears close to the skin and I enjoy it for a good four hours or so before I find myself wanting a refresh. This is a different fragrance from what I normally choose but I'm so happy that I have it because it has broadened my scent horizons a bit. I don't just wear this perfume, I experience it and I love every moment.

soar by a girls gotta spa fall fragrance

All of the Details

Soar Rollerball Perfume, $24.00 for 0.27 fl. oz/8ml is packaged in a perfect, portable glass bottle with a rollerball making it perfect to pop into my purse or a makeup bag for quick application and touch ups at home at my dressing table or on the go.


Vitis vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Parfum (A Girl's Gotta Spa!'s proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils.)

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy Soar on Amazon or from A Girl's Gotta Spa! This beautiful scent is a perfect little self indulgence and would make a perfect holiday gift for someone special on your list.

This is a Post in Collaboration with My Fellow Makeup Wars Bloggers!

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  1. Just the way you describe the fragrance makes me want to buy it!

  2. Thank you, Kath. I don't know if I'm going overboard. lol

  3. This sounds like a truly lovely fall scent!

  4. Beautiful description of this fragrance. I have Arise her other scent and it's so unique. Love your pictures too.

  5. Soar sounds beautiful and perfect for fall and winter.

  6. The notes of Soar sound perfect for fall and also perfect for me!

  7. The way you described this perfume!!!!! It sounds amazing!

  8. You describe fragrances so well! I’m usually like, it smells good! Lolol. You make it enticing!

    1. Thank you. I just try to share how it smells, changes and makes me feel. :)

  9. Had no idea AGGS had scents! This sounds great!

  10. Definitely want to get a whiff of this! Sounds so good!

  11. I'm not fond of geranium scents usually, but with the fig and green tea, I might actually really like this!

  12. Love your description of the scent! It sounds really unique and great for fall.

  13. I dont typically do floral or musk scents, but your description is fantastic!!

  14. Im like 50 50 over here unsure if it would translate well on me but I love the packaging!

  15. I think this sounds like a really nice scent. Your pics are so pretty!

  16. I love how you described how the scent worked on you, that was the best description of how a scent works on someone that I've seen!

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