Fashion Flash New Year Edition is Live

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Hello beautiful gentle readers. Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a happy and fun holiday season and a happy New Year!

We had a quiet, cozy holiday and it was nice to be chilled out, watching videos and munching on snacks. I made a rib roast for Christmas dinner and I braved, for the very first time Yorkshire puddings! I've always wanted to try making them and I finally got up the nerve to go for it. A friend shared a great recipe and...

Yorkshire Puddings

Look what I did! I couldn't believe it. They came out kind of great. Looking at them critically, I should have poured a little less batter in each muffin cup. The recipe was for twelve puds and I ended up with ten. And, if you look carefully, you can see a little pool of oil in the middle of some of the puddings which I had to dump out. I could have baked them a couple of minutes longer, as a few spots were a little pale and the exterior wasn't quite as crisp as they could have been but I think, for a first effort that they came out pretty well. They sure tasted good, especially with gravy. My husband isn't into this kind of thing but our son, who heard that I was making roast for dinner, showed up for his share and inhaled three of them. The leftovers made yummy snacks and were good, warmed and served with gravy, the next day. I'm definitely making these, again!

Okay, time to shut up about Yorkshire puddings and get to the real reason why we are all here.

This week, Fashion Flash, the weekly e-newsletter for forty-plus women is live and is being hosted by our lovely Cindy at Prime Beauty.

What you can look forward to, when you visit to read all of the fabulous articles:

  • 40 fashion tips
  • the capital of Liguria, Genoa
  • how to trim your own hair and get it right
  • what Jackie would tell her younger self
  • super youth skin care for 40+
  • get your brows back
  • new workout on demand club
  • the best drugstore beauty of 2018

I hope that you enjoy the articles and podcast! And don't forget to swing by next week, I'm hosting and I'd love to see you here!