Unboxing My Boxy Charm December 2018 'Tis the Sea-Sun | The Highs and the Lows

Better late than never, so they say. True? I don't know. I do know that I'm scandalously late in presenting the December Boxy Charm beauty subscription box.


Procrastinator, Am I

One reason why I've procrastinated in posting this is simply because the December box wasn't the biggest hit, with me. Not because the products are bad ones. They aren't! It's just that the majority of the products are either not appropriate for my skin type or not to my personal taste. I'll explain.

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What is Boxy Charm?

Simply put, Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty subscription service that is packed with value and five full sized or generous travel sized makeup, skin care and/or hair care products. The $21.00 monthly cost is always covered by one product in the box, making the rest of the minimum $100.00 value all free goodies for you to enjoy. This box has a retail value of $169.00 I am someone who enjoys surprises and discovering and trying new things so subscription services like Boxy Charm is something that I really enjoy.

The theme of the December Boxy Charm Beauty Subscription Box is 'Tis the Sea-Sun. A grouping of beauty goodies curated to invoke sun, sand and holiday beauty fun. While I love the concept, not all of the offerings in this particular box made my socks roll up and down. I am really thrilled with a couple of them and this box was still a good one, filled with quality goods in my opinion. Read on to see what was in my December Boxy Charm.


PYT Mini Ceramic Styler $75.00 in Blue is the standout product in this box for me. I have cowlicks and in the past, I've dealt with them with either my blow dryer and a round brush or my full sized flat iron, neither of which is ideal. The dryer and brush are awkward and I've inflicted a couple of burns on myself with my straightener. Not fun or cute. This mini styler is perfect for knocking down cowlicks. I can get in nice and close to my scalp, slick those suckers down and move on. No burns, no dramz. This little gadget is also nice for quickly smoothing the odd wavy spot or crimp. I'm happy to have this iron.


Pretty Vulgar The Powder Room Translucent Setting Powder $32.00. This is a matte setting powder. I don't know if it would be compatible with my skin or not. Honestly, I'm hanging on to this product because it's so stinking cute in photographs and on my dressing table.


 Bodyography Lip Pencil $12.00 Timber. This gentle brown nude is going to be perfect for the right person. That person isn't me. I'm going to pass this along.


Tarte Tarteist Shimmering Lip Paint $20.00 in Strike Gold. This shimmering liquid lipstick looks sooo pretty in the tube but my lips and Tarte lippies don't get along very well so I left this unopened to send along to someone who can fully enjoy it.


Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask $30.00. I thought that this tube was a travel size but it's a full size. I didn't open it, as it wouldn't be right for my Sahara Desert dry skin. This mask will be moving on.

The Bottom Line

While this box wasn't a complete delight, I'm really tickled to have my mini straightener and that adorable jar of powder. It's going to make flatlays that much prettier. I also have three very nice products to toss in the giveaway stash so all in all, this box is a good one. 

If you like what you see or you're curious, you can sign up for Boxy Charm here. You can pay month to month or in three, six or twelve month blocks, whatever suits you and your budget and you can cancel any time. 

I just received my January box. Want a quick peek? 


Nice, huh? There is some good stuff in this box! You can get it, now.

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  1. I too would be most enthusiastic about the flat iron. Looks like a great travel size. I would be passing on the same products as you. I still think about Boxycharm, but I have been quite satisfied so far with the new Glam Bag Plus from Ipsy though the price at $25/month is a little higher. We'll see.

    1. I say, stick with what's making you happy. IPSY was a huge disappointment for me but they seem much better, now.

  2. You definitely can’t deny the value. $21 for $169 of stuff! Unfortunately I wouldn’t use the majority and I have stick straight hair naturally.

    1. This box wouldn't have been a hit for you, then. :)

  3. The flat iron is so handy esp for travels. The January box based from what I have seen from Stacie is a lot better

  4. I bought the Boxycharm Plus which was a big hit for me. I got the mini straightener which I'm taking on vacation for touch ups. The Tatcha mask would be a good one for me. I almost always do a giveaway with my Boxycharm items since they aren't all perfect for me either. I offer things to friends first though.

    1. One day, I'd like to get the Plus box. The ones I've seen look so good and definitely give the value for money. I like sharing goodies, too. I have some things ready to go to friends, family members and some of husband's co workers.

  5. I agree the flat iron is the winner here. That the unfortinate thing about these sub boxes -- that a lot of times we get things we cant use and it feels like a waste.

    1. It's definitely a crap shoot. I find that this service gives me a better ratio of usable to non than others I've tried.

  6. boxycharm is the best! tarte and the flat iron make it sooo worth it!

  7. It's so cool to have a straightener in a monthly box!

  8. Yes! I really enjoyed mine too - best one yet!

  9. The packaging! The Tropical Christmasy Flamingo! LOVE LOL!

  10. I bought a mini straightener once and found it very difficult to use. :( That lipgloss is very pretty!


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