Fashion Flash | February Fun Reads with Beauty Info Zone

Fashion Flash | February Fun Reads with Beauty Info Zone

How is it February, already? Time. It just flies faster and faster as I get older. Somehow that is so unfair! One good thing about another week having gone by is of course, a new edition of Fashion Flash, our weekly e-news letter for forty plus readers.

This week, Fashion flash is hosted by Marcia at Beauty Info Zone. She's got a great lineup of fun reads and I've got a little sneaky-peeky:

  • what to do to shed those pounds once and for all
  • a list of the best podcasts
  • does smiling cause wrinkles?
  • a podcast about wine
  • a year of skin care faves
  • ahhh... coral
  • new hair care
  • flaxseed a superfood?
  • a new discovery
  • a realistic weight loss plan

Enjoy these great reads and have a wonderful week!

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