Juno & Co Velvet Microfiber Makeup Application Sponges | Love Them or Leave Them?

Juno & Co Velvet Microfiber Makeup Application Sponges | Love Them or Leave Them? 1

I have been seeing the Juno & Co. Velvet Microfiber Makeup Application Sponges all over the place and I was curious about how well they really work so I was happy to give them a go, when they came my way.

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Juno & Co Velvet Microfiber Makeup Application Sponges | Love Them or Leave Them? 2

What It Is 

The Juno & Co. Velvet Microfiber Sponge is an hydrophilic polyurethane sponge that has a flat bottom for fast, effortless blending all over the face while the angled cutout is perfect for getting into tight spots around the eyes, nose, mouth and chin and you can gently "roll" the curved back across the skin to put the polish on your flawless finish. The Microfiber Velvet Sponge is perfect for precise application and blending of creme or liquid concealer, contour and highlight and it blends creme blush into the cheeks for a lit from within flush.

The silky soft, microfiber velvet coating was created to hold more of your foundation or concealer on the surface of the sponge so that you can use less makeup and get the even, full coverage look that you want, every day. If, like me you prefer lighter coverage, this little guy can deliver it. Grab a dry sponge and you have a powder puff that can be used to lightly set your whole face or place powder just where you like for baking.

How to Use and Care For These Sponges

This sponge is so easy to use. I get it good and wet under the faucet then squeeze out the excess water. I dot on a little of my foundation then bounce one of the flat edges on my face to quickly blend my makeup into my skin, giving me a light, fresh finish.

Cleaning my Juno & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponge is a snap. Some nice warm water and a little Dawn dish liquid cleans away the most stubborn makeup, even under eye corrector out of the sponge, leaving it sparkling clean. Read my article about how I clean my beauty sponges. To answer the question, do I love them or did I leave them the answer is... I like them. While they will never by my Number One, they are solid performers that give me the results I want and I enjoy using them.

Where Can I Get Mine?

Order Juno & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponges here. They are very affordable at only $6.00 each. Save money by buying bundles. If blue isn't your thing, there are super cute pale pink sponges available, too.

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