The Beauty Spotlight Team Roundup | My Inaugural Post!

The Beauty Spotlight Team Roundup | My Inaugural Post!
Happy Weekend, everyone!

Well, today is the day when a bunch of people get together and haul a poor, sleeping marmot out of his warm, dark den and make him tell us when spring will arrive. My calendar says March 20th. In about six weeks. Hmmm...

Today is also my first post as a new member of The Beauty Spotlight Team! Enjoy this week's roundup and don't forget to stop in and say hi to the newbies and some old timers returning from hiatus.

Blushing Noir stepped out of her comfort zone this week and proved that people over 35 can wear pink eyeshadow & shimmer! Check out her tutorial on the Lime Crime Venus III Eyeshadow Palette & see how wearable this look can be!

 If you're looking for some skincare to promote a glowing healthy look, maybe Polarbelle can help.These products work for anyone, even the over 40's like Shelley.

 The NEW Aftelier Perfumes Lavender Face Elixir is, without question, a peerless and otherworldly luxury lavender face oil. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has never found a more exquisite lavender oil, and its creamy, warm and delectable aroma is smooth, hypnotic and intoxicatingly beautiful. It is unlike any lavender that you have smelled, and it truly must be experienced to be believed. #AftelierPerfumes #AftelierPerfumesLavenderFaceElixir

 Erika from Notes from My Dressing Table is celebrating her love of all things coral by sharing the Butter London X Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral Nail Lacquer Collection. Come by and check out this beautiful three piece collection. Which one do you want?

 Explore the Wander Beauty No Days Off Discovery Kit with Shipra of Taneja's Bride and view her thoughts on each skincare/haircare item.

 From a small sample packet, Never Say Die Beauty found a must-have, multitasking, perfect for winter facial oil and retinol serum from StriVectin that she loves!

 Have you heard of dermaplaning skin treatments? See the full explanation of why you might want to try one over on The Makeup Obsessed Mom blog.

 What counts more to you - cuteness or efficiency? Beauty Info Zone says you can have both with these new Vintage Cosmetic Company items. You'll be rushing to buy these.

 Christa from Realizing Beauty has been trying to transition to more natural skincare but doesn't want to trade efficacy for natural ingredients. With Vital Facecare she doesn't have to!

  Beautyjudy tested out the new Wet n Wild Makeup Locker 3-in-1 BB Cream, highlighter and peach concealer product - check out how it performed!

 Learn about Philip Kingsley Hair Care on Prime Beauty. He's someone our hair needs to be grateful for.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope that you enjoyed this week's Beauty Spotlight Team roundup. Welcome to new gentle readers and I hope that you'll stop by again, soon!

Oh! And in case you were wondering, old Punxsutawney Phil isn't very accurate. He's only been right about 39% of the time in the 120 - plus years he and his ancestors have been doing this gig. Maybe it's time to just leave the little dude to his dreams and I don't know... Watch The Weather Channel, maybe?