Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More

Yes, I know that this is posting a little late. Sue me. 

Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More 1

I love beauty box subscription services. For a small monthly outlay, I receive in the mail a little box packed with beauty goodies ranging from skin care to hair care, nail pretties to makeup and it's all a guessing game as to what I'll find when I open it up. It's so much fun.

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Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More 2

life is like a beauty subscription box... you never know what you're going to get

 I've been getting the Allure Beauty Box for, it will be a year in March and for the most part, I've been pretty tickled with it. For $15.00 a month, I receive a small mailer - Allure recently changed their beauty boxes from the old, glossy red box to a flat rate mailer type box - packed with an assortment of travel and full sized beauty treats. Some boxes are a bit underwhelming; I may receive only one or two items that I really like or can make use of and other boxes blow my expectations out of the water.

Like my January box. I opened it up and wow. Hello good stuff! In addition to a very cute clutch style makeup bag, I received seven items, six of which I'm over the moon for and one that got pitched to the giveaway bin. Read on for a closer look at this generous beauty booty score.

Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More Skin and Hair Care

you glow, girl

There were two skin care products in my January box and oh boy! Oh boy! What skin care products they are! 

First, a 1/2 fl. oz bottle of the yet to be released Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil. I'm already using this fabulous oil and I have to say, I like it so much and it almost. Almost makes me want to forgive Sunday Riley for discontinuing their Flora face oil. Almost. I think that I'm going to pick up a 1/2 ounce size bottle of Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil. $36.00 and see if it can take the place of my beloved Flora. 

Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum, $85.00 - 1 fl. oz. Hello, 6.5% Retinoid Ester, Co Q 10 and Hawaiian White Honey. My skin responds beautifully to Retinol and it is enjoying this snack size of this serum. Will I buy this in a full size? Not right away. Alas, my budget is just too tight, right now. 

I am well aware of the controversy that swirled around Sunday Riley, last year but they seem to have rectified the situation and I've not heard of any further issues. I'm not going to "cancel" a company for the actions of a few people, when a good faith effort to fix the problem has been made. 

Okay, this next product shouldn't have been shot with the skin care but I had a blonde moment while taking photos and honestly, as much as it bugs me to have a hair care item in with skin care, I'm not going to run into my studio and set up, stage, shoot, edit and compress photos of a few travel sized items.

pamper my tresses

With Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask Mini, $12.00 2 fl. oz. Reading the description of this hair mask gives me hope that my hair will like it. The packaging sure is pretty. 

Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More Scrub

scrub a dub-dub

Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub, $38.00 8.8 oz. This snack sized jar should give me a good idea if I like this stuff or not. I currently have a couple of scrubs open and I need to use them up before opening yet another one.

I have sampled a couple of Ouai products that I really like and would love to have in full size. The Leave in Conditioner and the Wave Spray both suit my hair so well. And they smell nice, too!

Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More Eyes and Lips

for pretty eyes and lips

Try a new eye shadow and lipstick. 

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra, $25.00. This is a full size. The shade I received is Burnished Bronze, an aged bronze with a beautiful gold micro-micro-micro glitter sparkle. I've only swatched it, thus far but is it ever pretty! 

Doucce Relentless Matte Lip Crayon, $21.80. The shade I received is Winterberry. Matte lipsticks and my lips do not comport well together so I've left this sealed up and it's been added to the giveaway stash. 

Unboxing my January Allure Beauty Box | Featuring Sunday Riley, Amika, Ouai and More ncla nail polish

nailed it

ncla Los Angeles Nail Lacquer, $6.99. This cruelty free, vegan, 7-free bright, coral red is going to be such a good summer colour! This is a full sized bottle. 

the wrap up

Bottom line, this was a phenomenal box! I got outrageous value for my $15.00 investment. Not every box is quite this amazing but I am still happy with the Allure Beauty Box and I'm going to keep my subscription active, for the foreseeable future. 

where and how to get it

If you would like to try the Allure Beauty Box for yourself, it is $15.00 a month and contains five-ish travel to full sized beauty and makeup items, each month. I signed up for mine through Amazon and after reading and hearing the horror stories from people who subbed directly through Allure, I'm glad that I did. Sign up is fast and easy and I received that current month's box. My account is always accurately billed, I receive e-mail notifications when my card is charged and the moment my box ships and I can track my box's progress on it's travels to my doorstep. Cancellation is effortless and hassle free, should you decide that you no longer wish to receive the box. 

Do you subscribe to the Allure Beauty Box? What do you think of it?

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