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This week, Fashion Flash is hosted by Ladies Roadmap and there is some great stuff to be had so go check it out.

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Roundup | It's Almost Spring!

How is it already the middle of March? Spring is officially just a few days away yet I still find myself thinking that it's January. I am comforted by the knowledge that I'm not the only one. Apparently, the inability or unwillingness to accept passage of time, especially as we get older is a common thing.

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Hi and welcome to another Beauty Spotlight roundup.

Why I LOVE My AQUIS Hair Turban and Why I Think that You Will, Too

Why I LOVE My AQUIS Hair Turban and Why I Think that You Will, Too

it was a revelation

The first time I took my hair down out of this drying turban I ran my fingers through my tresses and I said, "Oh, my goddess. How have I lived without this?"

Fashion Flash | Welcome New Members!

March is coming in like a lamb, around here. All of the snow from the last storm has melted away and today the high was 67 degrees with bright, warm sun. My window is open and my house is getting a nice airing out. I know that true, official spring hasn't sprung but I'm not complaining. I'll take these warm days.

The Beauty Spotlight Team for the First Week of March

In Like a Lion, Indeed

Mother nature is a capricious little snot, lemme tell ya. Last week at this time, there was two feet of snow on the ground and I was freezing my ass off and freaking out because let's be real... freaking out is what I do when it snows... and this week, the snow is pretty much all gone and I have a window wide open. Welcome March!