Fashion Flash | A Wonderful Spring Edition

Spring has sprung, at long last. The sun is warm, the birdies are singing their little beaks off, there is a veil of green on the trees, early flowers are blooming and my allergies are in full on kill me mode.

Fashion Flash, this week is hosted by our lovely Marcia at Beauty Info Zone. We have welcomed a couple of new members who bring their own special brand of magic to our network and it's nice to see our group growing.

Let's take a quick peek at some of the delights on tap for you this week:

  • a little personal financial help
  • pets = cute art
  • beautiful wedding fashion
  • a facial cleanser perfect for dry/mature skin (I have that cleanser... It's a good one!)
  • affordable and efficacious skin care
  • clean skin care
  • battling acne after forty
  • a stunning mini eye shadow palette
  • living it up in Spain
  • improve your tennis game
  • tips for changing it up after fifty
  • every day can be earth day
I hope that you enjoy this week's Fashion Flash and that you have a happy and sunshine filled week, ahead.